We are a group of like minded Music journalists and followers of Techno, who have come together to build this online music magazine and playlist platform that’s dedicated to being about the Art of Techno music, artists, the production of Techno and its events around the World.

Techno Scene – TS will combine music and gear reviewing with quality writing and eventually we foresee developing an app, documentaries and motion graphics films featuring varying styles of Techno. Weekly we will share free industry tools, VSTs and reviews which we hope will serve as a guide for all Techno aficionados.


June 23 (11:00 pm)
Elektroküche Köln (Official) - Siegburger Straße 110
June 30 (12:00 pm)
Spaarnwoude Houtrak
July 14 (10:00 am)
Cocoon In The Park - Temple Newsam
July 14 (11:00 pm)
Elektroküche Köln (Official) - Siegburger Straße 110


Quote by Jeff Mills

This music isn’t for followers, it’s for innovators, it’s truly the music of the future. It has no boundaries no structures and it can go as fast as time goes.
— Jeff Mills

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