Launched in January 2018, we hope within our first 18 months to grow into one of the World’s largest platforms for Techno music. Covering the events, artists, gear, promoters and engaging quality content for the listeners. We currently offer like minded business associates a unique opportunity to connect directly with the ever growing Techno music community.TechnoScene offers custom made advertising solutions that deliver impact at scale.

Our in-house sales and partnership team build, manage and optimize campaigns on a daily basis that engage our audience and deliver cost effective results for many clients.For more information and to discuss how we could help you.


April 27 (11:00 pm)
TOFFLER - Weena Zuid 33
April 28 (11:00 pm)
TOFFLER - Weena Zuid 33
May 1 (11:30 pm)
Melkweg Amsterdam - Lijnbaansgracht 234a
May 4 (11:00 pm)
TOFFLER - Weena Zuid 33


Quote by Jeff Mills

My job is to be a DJ and make people dance so if people dance, I’ve done my job.
— Jeff Mills

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