Deepchord – Auratones (Soma Records)

Label: Soma Records
Artist: Deepchord
Title: Auratones
Format: Double Vinyl, CD & Digital
Cat.Number: SOMADA117
Release Date: 20th October, 2017


For our first album review there was no major question of what European label we wanted to feature, Soma Records has been at the forefront of Electronic Music since 1991 and we thought it fitting to honour this 16 year achievement with our very first album review.

Auratones comes your way courtesy of the impeccably talented Deepchord, the Detroit natives 5th LP for Soma, Rod Modell delivers a 12 Track organic deep cinematic blend of foley, intercepted alien transmissions and stripped down grooves that roll over the listener like cosmic waves gently radiating your day with positivity and vitality.

From the atmospheric opener that is “Fog Hotel” moving on to effortlessly drift beyond the beautiful groove of “Moving Lights” which is drenched in reverb that is dense yet never overpowering, a meandering piece which is bound together exquisitely by subtle rhythms and a warm bass.“Wind in Trees” is up next and sees Rob delve deeper into the dub techno style he is so well known for, the trademark Deepchord sound weaving through the entire album with percussive elements, faint sub bass sounds pulsing through each arrangement allowing his uniquely processed foley and tranquil yet fluctuating synths to enhance the low end of each track.

Soma explain it perfectly: Immersive music with a distinctive aquatic quality. Inspired by Detroit & Berlins dance genres, but tempered by more ambience / atmosphere than one would expect from those genres. Music without harshness or rough edges. Fuzzy, out-of-focus, soft-sounds that slip in and out of the listener’s consciousness. Uniquely melds current dance rhythms with lushness and spirituality. Responsibly made gentle music designed from the ground-up to have a positive effect on the nervous system and leave the listener invigorated and recharged. Timeless, exotic dance tracks for a new school of electronic music enthusiasts who are searching for beautiful sounds, crafted with a higher purpose in mind.


Overall in my opinion this album will stand the test of time down to its musical production prowess and technical execution. A modern day classic.

5 Stars out of 5

Recorded during April – June 2016 in Barcelona Spain, then further mixed / processed / assembled in Port Huron Michigan early 2017.



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