Antwerp’s new hotspot ‘Meatpack’ will open this weekend.

The 5000 square meter former factory will house a nightclub, as well as offices, artist studios and a gallery space.

Meatpack’s co-operator Nelson Donck told Red Bull Elektropedia: “Even though this is a warehouse, we wanted to avoid making it look like one. This club needs to look sexy and attractive, so instead of working with the usual black, we’ll transform everything with and pink carpets and light colours.” … “In an old warehouse (5000 m2 in size), it’s all about removing the tags, tearing down the walls and breaking new ground.
Art, food, fashion, crafts, music and nightlife will finally meet in a concrete labyrinth that has the size of a football field.”

The venue will open its doors on Saturday, December 9th and will work mostly with external clubs and promoters.

Check out their facebook page for more info:

(Pictures: Meatpack facebook page)



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