Techno Overview – Drumcomplex – Gravity EP – Complexed Records

Techno overview – drumcomplex – gravity ep – complexed records

Since 2014, Complexed Records have been supporting DJs whose hard graft involves producing futurist techno. Although the label is fairly embryonic, it’s become a moving influence on every established techno dancefloor. Restoring sanctity to dystopian suburbias, be sure to expect brutalist ballads and disharmonic prayer calls from this straight-to-the-point techno label.
Drumcomplex (Arnd and Daniel Reichow), the founders of the label (who hold an enriched discography and over 20 years of DJing experience), are set to release their new Gravity EP – out September 2017. Think technological tribalism; fluid waves of pure techno, fulfilling the electronic appetites of the masses. However, all that the Reichow brothers compose, manage to accommodate different levels of listening attention – whether it’s the first or last track played in the club it’s sure to stay with you.


Planetary hits hard with saw-like devices that explore the polytone percussion textures. Metallic divisions reflect the premonitions of climatic sound, whilst the disruptive sampling stirs a secondary dissonance in the factory-line beat rotation.


Gravity syncopates mechanical, harp-like sampling around the backbone of the kick. With some old-school acid ascensions and tripped up claps, this slice of techno promotes a retro slam-dunk rave.
Gravity EP by Drumcomplex is out now on Complexed Records.



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