Techno Review – E.D.C. – Endless EP

E.D.C. – Endless EP – Every Detail Counts

Endless is one of those extremely few techno releases that grabs your attention from the time the first bit drops, I was rather pleasantly surprised. Deep emotive ambient dub style techno.

I also really enjoyed The city of clones on my first round of listening and When is a DJ’s dream, its kind of reminiscent of a beats dub tool that could be used as a layer over or between two other slices of techno. 

The label explains:

E.D.C wishes to explore electronic music through different universes where spaces, noises and textures are central to the creative process. His researchers aim to experiment and think outside the box, allowing us to navigate through purposely-coloured techno music and other worlds where Every Detail Counts.

In this first release, the reverberations in each track create a shaking outcome that warns about the upcoming epic electronic adventure with the wind of indestructibility that the tracks blow in our direction.

Endless is the key to understanding the whole release. Electric from the first second, it explains the journey we are about to embark on. Dark and almost gloomy from the beginning, the break gives the impression of a light breakthrough, as if the way suddenly clears.

The City of Clones takes us to a heavy Techno atmosphere as if we were waiting in the middle of a fog for the untying of the plot, though the denouement remains uncertain. When Nobody Cares is an experimental journey through unexplored landscapes, with the discoveries marching under our eyes, which contribute to creating an experience of fullness. Too Many Ifs reminds and completes the cycle. Chaotic on purpose, it unveils the encounter of an intriguing living shape.

I enjoyed all 4 productions/tracks on this varied and exciting techno EP and can see myself using each of them in a different section of a mix, versatile inspiring sound design and programming, which I cannot say that about too many releases these days, considering this is the labels first. We are a little bit gobsmacked…

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Label. Every Detail Counts
Artist. E.D.C.
Title. Endless EP
Format. Vinyl & Digital
Cat.Number. EDC001 Release Date. November 24th, 2017 (Vinyl), December 8th, 2017 (Digital)

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