Exclusive Interview – 10 Questions 2 Matteo Puntar

01. Can you tell us more about your music history, do you have formal training, maybe something many people don’t know about you?

Since childhood, I’ve been interested in music. I began to play the guitar for several years, but soon I started to focus on the world of techno & electronic music. At the age of 13, I purchased my first console ever – at the time I wanted so badly to get into mixing and to learn how to mix that, once I got into the shop and found out the re-seller didn’t own two CDJs of the same type, I bought two different CDJs, one of them was a Gemini CDJ-20 Top Load Cd and the other was a Gemini CDJ-02 Table Top CD.

At the end, I can tell you that I’m actually glad I learned to mix with that improvised mix station. However, as regards the production scope, at first I approached as a self-taught basically only using Fruit Loops and watching tutorials around, but then I preferred to attend the electronic music production school Recreative 12, based in Milan.

02. How did you get into the techno scene and what are your first memories of techno music?

I got into the world of Techno thanks to an old girlfriend I had, more or less when I was 17 years old. She was a Croatian girl with a real passion for the clubbing world, and I definitely got to say that she was able to open my mind. At the time I was already djing for 4 years, but I preferred softer and easier sounds; anyways, she made me listen to an infinite number of tracks and through a real indoctrination I decided to move on and try different sounds.

My first memory of techno music belongs to the same period. Definitely, I’ll never forget the first party I went as a clubber, on a small beach in the island of Pag; I’m not talking about the huge parties they throw in the big clubs there nowadays, such as Sonus. When I was there, the situation was much different, the island was not so crowded and so touristic. Let me say it was a little bit more ‘genuine’. And the same goes for the techno environment. I can’t deny that besides the sound, techno got me so much also for its environment, full of positive vibes that at the time I felt on that beach and that I still feel now in my sets.

03. Where do you see the techno scene in 10 years? And how do you see yourself in 10 years within the scene?

As regards the techno scene, we can definitely say that now it’s getting more and more mainstream. Every passing year we all see that the techno product is getting commercialized more and more. Tickets that are increasingly expensive, DJs with enormous cachés and an increasing number of people that get into this world a little bit for trend, and a little bit without knowing anything about it. Now, I can tell you that in 10 years we’ll see the complete commercialization of the techno product. But at the same time, I’m sure there will still be a big number of people related to this world, that will fight to keep the scene clean and far away from all these negative influences. In 10 years I see myself too belonging to this group of people, aware of the love I feel towards this world, and fighting to keep it just like I first knew it so that the techno world can make many other people fall in love just like it did with me.

04. Where do you most enjoying playing? Crowded festivals or more intimate clubs?

Personally, I can tell you that I prefer to play inside clubs, the more intimate the better it is. And this is because I feel a more direct connection with the crowd. Playing at festivals is for sure a unique feeling, but the energy you can get from a small club in my honest opinion is priceless.

05. Do you prefer to play live/DJ or is it all about the music production?

My personal path begins as DJ, and mixing has always been the thing I preferred until I first approached the production. Honestly now I have to confess you that I wouldn’t know what I actually prefer. On the one hand, I love performing DJ-sets for the fact that I find myself in a situation full of people all hearing me playing, all feeling it with me and again with me walking through this journey from the beginning to the end; on the other, I can also tell you that production has its fascinating elements: in your music studio it’s just you with your music, you can reach incredible levels of intimacy with your ‘ego’, and sometimes it appears to be paranormal. So, the choice is hard and I prefer to tell you that both performing DJ-sets and producing have the same importance to me for both my personal career and the emotions I can feel.

06. Tell us your most proud moment in your career to date?

The most important moments of my career are essentially three:

  • first one, I was 16 years old when, after 3 years trying and exercising over and over in my bedroom, for the first time I had the opportunity to perform in an actual club. The club I’m talking about was named ‘Ola’, it’s not open anymore and it’s based in my hometown. I remember I prepared that set many weeks before and, at the end of my performance, I didn’t want to stop, and it was in that moment I understood that playing was what I wanted to do in my life.
  • The second moment very important for my career it definitely was the release of my EP ‘Raving Queen’ on Reload Records, Spanish label owned by the Yellowheads. I consider it a fundamental step because, even if I had the opportunity to release other EPs before, it was with ‘Raving Queen’ that I entered the circle of DJ-producers.
  • Third moment very important if not crucial for my career was when I obtained the DJ residence in the Slovenian event planning organization ‘Reload Events’. Actually, this allowed and still allows me to perform together with the most important techno artists in the world and also to get clubbers from Italy and Slovenia to know me as a DJ.

07. What music/genres do you listen to when you’re at home?

This is a good question and I got to tell you the truth, actually I listen to every genre. I start to think of the fact that music is the pure expression of the artist’s feelings, well, music is emotion and it shares emotion to who listens to it. I simply prefer to listen what most fits my mood, without having any limit coming from the genre.

08. What parties and festivals should we not miss this year?

Without any doubt every party organized by Reload Events, we planned an amazing 2018 as regards to parties! Then, this year I advise you to go to DGTL Festival in Amsterdam, Awakenings Festival in Spaarnwoude, Sonar Festival in Barcelona and of course the most famous Italian festival, Kappa Future in Torino.

09. Do you have any does or don’ts regarding tips for upcoming talents?

Assuming that I’m still walking my path and I’m at the beginning of my professional career, the first tip I want to give to young artists is to never feel satisfied because it’s always possible to grow musically and to improve. I can tell to new generations of DJ-producers to consider this job always as a passion, to never lose the love that pushed them into this world, even when reaching the goal appears to be harder than expected. Then, if this really is the career that someone wants to undertake, keep the head down and work so that music becomes a profession and not just a hobby. Tough times always existed and will exist forever, the closed doors will be many (I wish you not too many!), but the important thing is to never lose the hope and to always believe in what you’re doing, hard work pays off and nothing is gifted in this world!

To give you an example, I remember two years before obtaining my residency with Reload Events, I sent them one of my mixes, they listened to it and then discarded it because, even if it was technically correct, the sound was not complex enough. I didn’t lose heart, I worked hard to improve where I could improve and two years later I tried again and now, well, here I am DJ-resident in one of the most important techno reality of the Slovenian territory. The last tip I want to give is to always dare and to always risk it to obtain something more. In the modern world of clubbing, being a DJ-producer is not enough, you got to be also a good promoter of yourself and you have to know the big work that’s behind the planning of a party, also to always show respect for the big effort.

10. Can you tell us more about your plans for the coming 12 Months? Do you have any new productions/collaborations projects?

First thing, I’ll mostly pass the next 12 months in my music studio, the main issue of this job is to create your own music and to have your own sound recognizable worldwide and this is exactly what I’ll focus on in 2018. I have many music projects in the pipeline that will be released during this year. Then, with my label in which I’m also DJ-resident, I have already booked several great nights between Slovenia and Italy. Finally, I hope that 2018 will see the beginning of one of my dream-projects, the creation of my personal party in the Italian territory. Now after having passed 4 years deep inside the world of techno not only as a DJ but also as a co-organiser with my label, I feel ready to throw my party. During the last months of 2017, in fact, I laid the foundation so that this can become a reality, but I don’t want to overpromise and say too much, who will live, will see!

More info about Matteo Puntar: http://facebook.com/MatteoPuntarTech/


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