Tekturon – Multitap Sequenced Delay VST – Gear Review

Tekturon - Gear Review

Tekturon – Multitap Sequenced Delay VST – Gear Review

There are very few effects that get techno producers more excited than a VST delay unit, I’ve personally had many favourites over the years including but not limited to Replika by Native Instruments, Richochet by Audio Damage and now a new essential piece to add to my virtual studio in the form of the excellent Tekturon by D16, a  manufacturer/developer based in Poland.

D16 explains a bit about how Tekturon works:

Enter the Delay Matrix

16 delay lines all arranged in a sequence to provide you, the creative producer, a level of inspiration and possibility simply unavailable with conventional delays.

Fully-featured delay lines

Each delay line is equipped with its own independent and comprehensive set of parameters for endless tweaking.

Two-tiered Control

Delay lines are adjustable locally (each separately) and globally (all at once) for both fine-grained and instant, performance-oriented control.

Quick-access mute buttons

Bring life to your performance! Enliven arrangements by employing your MIDI controller to dynamically cut and add delay lines with the push of a (literal) button.

tekturon - gui

Inspired by ergonomics

Everything is brought together into an exceptionally ergonomic and intuitive interface – get the results you desire effortlessly!

Key features

  • 16 delay lines arranged in a sequence of taps equally delayed from each other
    • Quick-access Mute buttons for selectively suppressing lines’ outputs 
    • Globally controlled (all 16 delay lines at once):
      • Time grid – The delay between subsequent taps and base delay time for all 16 feedback loops 
      • Optional host tempo synchronization 
      • Feedback base value 
      • Shuffle (swing)
      • Master filter’s settings 
    • Locally (per delay line): 
      • Feedback relative to base value
      • Delay time as multiple of Time grid 
      • Local filter’s settings
      • Stereo Panorama
      • Stereo Spread
      • Output volume with level indication
  • Ultra-low digital aliasing output 
  • Tag based preset browser 
  • MIDI-learn functionality 

64bit internal processing


The Tekturon VST by D16 is turning out to be one of the few VST/AU Plugins I look forward to using when I make Techno in the studio.

The usability of the presets & parameters allows for endless tweaking. Real efficiency on the CPU load, allows for multiple instances and as the manufacturer alludes: complete control over your entire delay performance. We completely agree, Tekturon is as subtle as it is powerful, an extremely exciting and versatile plugin from D16’s total bundle of plugins.  

Audio example below by Static Interference – Jamloop 01 contained 2 instances of Tekturon, 1 Toraverb2 and a Decimort2 to add some texture to the bass loop, 2 loops in total used.

For more D16 gear reviews in the coming months, stay tuned to www.technoscene.eu                                                                                        






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