Techno Interview – 10 Questions 2 – Teqnov

Techno Interview – 10 Questions 2 – Teqnov

01. Can you tell us more about your music history, do you have formal training, maybe something many people don’t know about you?

I have always been interested in dance music and making music. I first experimented making dance music at the age of 11 or 12 I think. At the time, there was the first generation of music software such as fast tracker which already gave quite some freedom in creating your own sound by using all kinds of samples. I then however stopped experimenting till about 5 years ago when I started using Reason (Propellorhead) which I am still using today.

Fun fact, from the age of 9 till 20, I played drums in a brass/show band which stimulated the love for rhythms and percussions as we played with snares, toms and woods. Besides the fact that playing live drums was great, I still benefit from this experience also in my techno productions in which I strive to create unique percussions and special rhythms.

02. How did you get into the techno scene and what are your first memories of techno music?

I have been interested in all kinds of dance music, ranging from the early house, techno and harder styles such as hardcore and hardstyle. Each of these genres have their strengths and are able to create a unique vibe in their own unique way.

I can’t remember my first real encounter with techno, but during my days in middle school, cassettes were going around with great mixes with all kinds of underground stuff from eg the UK. As of today, I still remember the feeling I had while listening to them before going to bed so perhaps that is the first time my heart opened for it and it has never closed ever since.

Other experiences that definitely contributed to a stronger interest for techno were my visits to the Love Parade in Berlin in 2000 and 2001. What a massive crowd and great vibe and to feel techno in Berlin in such an intense way….holy f…!

03. Where do you see the techno scene in 10 years? And how do you see yourself in 10 years within the scene?

Wow….10 years, that’s a long horizon, especially while the scene is continuously changing through new influences. I hope that I can further develop my own style of techno in which I strive to combine old school elements with new sounds and if I my rhythmic footprint in some way (how small it might be) can contribute to the direction in which techno is heading in 10 years from now, I will feel blessed!

Anyway, I am sure that, even though techno is finding its way to continuously growing audiences and younger people through big festivals as awakenings etc, it will always remains as broad as it is now, with all the sub genres and BPM ranges, from lighter to darker vibes. In this way, the scene will always be able to influence itself and ensure that it moves forward, even if it sometimes might mean to take back 2 steps first (awareness of the musical essence)

What I do like about the scene is that so many people are open and easy to approach, take eg people as Rob Hes, Michel de Hey, T78 etc, they all take the time to listen to demos and respond, even though they are swamped with “the best demos ever” haha.

04. Where do you most enjoy playing? Crowdy festival places or more intimate clubs?

Frankly speaking, I haven’t played on crowdy festivals yet, not because I don’t want to (?) but simply as my focus has been on producing these past couple of years. Nevertheless, I did and do like the plays in intimate clubs, with big sound systems obviously! I mostly played in the Netherlands but also a couple of times in Belgium. Last year I played on an event of BLEND in the same line up with Michel de Hey which was yet another milestone for me.

I also learned from and experienced with other DJs that it doesn’t matter how big or small the crowd is; when chemistry starts to exist during a set…..that’s what it’s all about, irrespective the square meters or heads your play for.

05. Do you prefer to play live/dj or is it all about the music production?

As music is not my profession, I have to make a balance in terms of how to spend my time and this moment I still focus on producing music and remixes. I also experience that in particular the last year and a half, I have made a lot of progress which opened the door to great labels as Repressure, Coincidence and Autektone, I want to further develop myself and keep making great tracks and keep reaching more people that enjoy techno.

In the end of course, it’s most rewarding to hear and see what my tracks actually do with the crowd and ideally I would experience this behind the decks but to see other DJs supporting my tracks and see the effect through them is, at this point satisfying.


06. Tell us your most proud moment in your career to date?

Difficult to name one and I basically live from milestone to milestone, simply because each stage of my personal development gives new opportunities and requires to set new goals. But to name a few, my first signing with DE:FUZED DIGITAL (UK label) of my debut track ’’Turn the knob’’, my first EP with REPRESSURE Recordings, my recent signings on releases for COINCIDENCE. Whether it’s musically or for work or private life, I strongly believe in treasuring special moments as they help to remind you on the result of hard work, the opportunities given (and taken) and simply the beauty of life and what music within that has to offer!

07. What music/genres do you listen to when you’re at home?

Strongly depends on the mood but as I have 2 kids, I can’t help to listen sometimes to big artists in the eyes of a 5 and 8 year old ? but on a more serious note, I love energetic dance music which can be (dark) techno but also styles in the higher BPM range as hardstyle. As a guy who loves to spend hours and hours on producing, any style or type of music can trigger an idea. Also when I listen to funk and eg Motown, I hear rhythms that I love and inspire me for my own tracks. One thing I also do often is listening or watching documentaries on the start of house and techno music or eg bios of big names such as Richie Hawtin etc. That’s also a great source for inspiration.

08. What parties and festivals should we not miss this year?

I visited Draaimolen Festival last year and I plan to visit that again. It’s a rather intimate festival on a great location near Tilburg (the Netherlands). Of course the collab between Time Warp and Awakenings is on my list. Also smaller techno festivals and parties such as BAUHAUZ and Hidden Monastery are on my list. As you know, the Netherlands has such great festivals and locations, whether it’s for mainstream or underground, even if you have not planned anything for the upcoming weekend, there is lots to attend and experience!

09. Do you have any does or don’ts regarding tips to upcoming talents?

DO: Follow YOUR heart and do what really gives YOU energy, not what people around you tell you to do or make. It’s seems obvious but in order to stay original, it’s good to get influences from other producers, DJs and genres but ensure that you use them as ingredients in your own recipe not as recipes on itself. In order to create a unique vibe, remain inspired by staying open for different genres. So DON’T compromise if your heart deep inside says not to!

DO: Appreciate chances offered and of course take them! As I told earlier, I love it when arrived DJs / producers still take the time to listen to your tracks and give feedback. It’s easy to forget where you once came from. Even though many demos or tracks might not be what they are looking for, at some point you will get there and doors are opened that offer new opportunities. I have experienced this the last few years and people that believed in me and gave me a chance are still supporting my work and link me to new projects and collaborations.

10. Can you tell us more about your plans for the coming 12 Months? Do you have any new productions/collaborations…

I have a couple of new releases coming up. First the release of my track ‘’We won’t end’’ with Repressure Recordings with some great techno remixes by POLS and AUDIOLOG. Secondly, I have been working on several remixes of which you will hear more soon. Next to tracks and EPs signed, I plan to do a lot of new tracks and remixes throughout this year. I have some new tracks in progress that are strongly influenced by the Detroit techno sound and perhaps I will build further on that for eg a new EP. All in all, much inspiration, motivation and love to make the upcoming 12 months the best till now!

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