Spin Fidelity – Faceless on Specimen – Recommended Album

Spin Fidelity

Spin Fidelity – Faceless – Recommended Album

Spin Fidelity’s first full lenth album 2018… Here is a taste of the UK at the heart of Detroit’s Techno City. Experimental electro rhythms, deep, soulful, dense acidic melodies move in an out of the darkness.. a war among the stars is the setting theme of these driving atmospheres. An awesome experience and essential to all those machine lovers out there! “…the album flows from deep electronics and moody excursions to experimental and dark matter vibes” Antonio Velazquez.

Spin Fidelity has also recorded with;
Bass Agenda recordings
RF Music
Biotech recordings
Run On Recordings
Ricochet Records
Belmar Sol Recordings

Digital released April 27, 2018, 
Vinyl available now via Diggers Factory


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