RV Trax EP with g-prod – Bird of Paradise – R&S Records – Recommended

RV Trax

RV Trax – R&S Records – Recommended Techno

Some of the info contained here was taken and edited from the R&S label page on facebook, we have 3 Trax selected by Renaat Vandepapeliere, signed for their quality irrespective of social media following, PR and branding. This is back to basics A&R! Let the music do the talking Music supplied by Bird of Paradise and Steve Legget, G-Prod and Hermetics.

R&S Records has been around since 1983 and the R&S represents the initials of Renaat Vandepapeliere & Sabine Maes, the couple that created this label. I personally have been buying their releases since the Various Artists compilation – In order to dance Two in 1990. It featured Joey Beltrams Techno Classic Energy Flash, Suburban Knight – The art of stalking & Frank De Wulf’s Rhythm Device – Dream Trance.
The label was first named as Milos Music Belgium but just one record was released on this label. Still independent and currently managed from London by Renaat & Sabine, label manager Andy Whittaker.

All 3 trax you can listen to below, it costs less than a cup of coffee to support the artists, download and enjoy 🙂

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