Techno Interview – 10 Questions 2 – Rob Hes

Rob Hes

Techno Interview – 10 Questions 2 – Rob Hes

01. Can you tell us more about your music history, do you have formal training, maybe something many people don’t know about you?

What most people don’t know, is that I am 36! Which means I started making music about 21 years ago! At that time there were almost no schools or training and it was expensive so I couldn’t afford to pay for it. The internet was something new, and therefore I had to learn the hard way. For example, after 9months of playing vinyl, I finally understood that I had to beat match them. I always played the records as fast as possible….!
I actually, came from the Hardcore (Gabber) scene here in Holland, and I played some big festivals like Defqon and Q-base.

02. How did you get into the techno scene and what are your first memories of techno music? 

I started to buy some CD’s from ID&T a long time ago. I think it was ‘Shockers’ – a techno CD. I was not really into it the first time I listened to it, and it took some years later for me to get hooked. From the Hardcore scene, I discovered Schranz Techno to Hard Techno and then what we can call ‘normal’ or more accessible techno. When I heard about Awakenings Festival and experienced it for myself – then I knew, that was a very defining moment for me.

03. Where do you see the techno scene in 10 years? And how do you see yourself in 10 years within the scene?

Hmm, that’s difficult to say. The scene is now really going back to the old days I feel. BPM’s are getting up to 135 and its all quite dark. You also see some big labels now going very much in that direction with their releases. I think in another 10 years, it will all be different again. I hope it will be the style of music that I produce that’s popular! Ha. I see myself still doing what I am now, and with my label Pursuit just starting out, I hope to see that have considerable growth in 10 years, with a nice group of roster artists on the imprint.

04. Where do you most enjoying playing? Crowdy festival places or more intimate clubs?

Well, I think you’ll always get the same answer from every DJ on this kind of question – I like both and don’t think you can say one or the other. They are not comparable, for many different reasons. Crowds at festivals are amazing, but not everyone gets to play those big events, so then clubs come into their own.

05. Do you prefer to play live/DJ or is it all about the music production?

I did use to play live but stopped that earlier this year. I had a great time doing it, but in the end, it always caused a lot of stress for me. So now, I prefer to only work with a DJ set. It’s easier when travelling, and I can play all the new music on the label too.

rob hes

06. Tell us the proudest moment in your career to date?

I played this summer at Tomorrowland in Belgium and it was insane! To be on a stage with Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Len Faki and Nina Kraviz was a bucket list item checked off for sure. Of course, launching the label is also one of the other big achievements from this year. My partner and I are also launching our own clothing line for Pursuit and we have our very first showcase this October at ADE.

07. What music/genres do you listen to when you’re at home?

Every day I am in the studio (nearly) – whether it’s listening to music or working. When I have free time, I tend not to listen to music, to be honest, but if I did then anything – I am not particular. I like to have the radio on, or something mellow and easy listening for when I have friends over for dinner etc.

08. What parties and festivals should we not miss this year (2018)?

So yeah, as mentioned the first Pursuit showcase is this October 18th in Amsterdam during ADE week. It’s a daytime event from 14.00 – 21.00, so people can then head over to another party that night. I am so happy with the line-up, as we have Kaiserdisco, Loco & Jam, SAMA, Teenage Mutants, Joran Van Pol, Dus and myself. It is going to be a smaller intimate party for about 275 people and I think we might be sold out. I made the tickets affordable for fans, to say thanks for all the support they have given me. I am also really looking forward to my gig at Fabric, Madrid in November

09. Do you have any does or don’ts regarding tips for upcoming talents?

Yes, I have a few. Try to make a release plan, set your goals and think outside the box.
My motto: “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success”
I get a lot of demos now with the label up and running. People send demos with no text, and only a link or they send the email to 100 different labels in CC!! Come on guys, I am not going to listen to someone who does this. Choose who you want to pitch to, and make that your goal, write a nice email and include all that we need.

10. Can you tell us more about your plans for the coming 12 Months? Do you have any new productions/collaborations projects?

My new track ‘Element Of Surprise’ with the talented Duss has just been released on Pursuit. I also have a new solo EP coming out on the 21st September called ‘State Of Mind’ with a nice remix from Ron Costa. Tronic will be soon also, and in October, I have a track featured on my VA Wild Cards 02.
And I did a collaboration with Alex Mine, and we just finished the last track so I think this will be released in 2019. Far away it seems, but it comes round so fast! And also not to forget a collaboration with LAAT – we are working on a Tronic EP together 🙂

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