Subradeon – God Bless includes Scan 7 Remix on Subradeon Records


Subradeon – God Bless includes Scan 7 Remix on Subradeon Records – Recommended Techno

We love featuring brand new labels on technoscene and this is the very first release on Subradeon Records and strangely its made its way into the electronica/downtempo section on beatport.

Each time i hear the word Detroit followed by Techno, my ears immediately sharpen. Curious to hear what is next from the techno city, I am always hoping that they do the innovators & my ears proud. I came across the detroit collective known as Scan 7 in 2010 with the release of their Beyond Sound release on Tresor which included an excellent remix by Detroit legend Blake Baxter. Since then, every time I see their name on a release I immediately give it the attention they deserve. The group consist of 7 artists who wear masks while performing. This release was no different, out of habit I went straight to their “Way of the 7 remix “and i wasn’t disappointed.

After enjoying the remix, I listened intently to the rest of the release, which was really excellent, everything i really enjoy about techno.

We got sent this by Pull Proxy last week and out of all the many promos we get sent by diffeent PR people each week, some good, some bad, lots that are just ok, a select few are releases that make it into my personal collection. Out of all of the promos last week this was my favorite, I really enjoy productions I would love to hear if  I was out dancing. Really looking forawrd to hearing the next release on Subradeon, available on vinyl and digital.

Check it out via the links below

Label Description:

?Telephone started ringing and i picked it up, on the other hand, was an ugly voice.
I Said: ‘I know what i’m talking about, and it’s power?

The power of Detroit Techno came through God Bless.

Subradeon makes this first Ep on their own imprint with a special remix from the well know collective SCAN 7.

Timeless and direct, fully inspired by the cities of Caserta, Berlin and Detroit.

Label. Subradeon Records
Artist. Subradeon
Remixer. Scan 7
Title. God Bless
Format. Vinyl & Digital
Cat.Number. SBRDN001
Release Date. September 15th, 2018
Distribution. Triple Vision (Digital), (Vinyl)



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