Artist Of The Week – SCAN 7

Scan 7

Artist Of The Week – SCAN 7

We return this week with our Artist of The Week feature inspired by the latest single in the Recommended Techno section, focusing stateside to the City where Techno originated. If you talk about Detroit, and the history of Techno, you are not allowed to forget about the collective that is Scan 7. Often regarded as pioneers of Techno, they are a mysterious coming together of 7 members, led by “Track Masta” Lou Robinson. They have featured on labels such as Transmat, Tresor, Planet Rhythm and most recently with their remix on Subradeon Records.

Scan 7 perform with masks, and not a lot of people know their faces. It is just about the sound. Raw and real from the Motor City.

Their sound is special. It goes from original authentic, deep, and dark Techno to experimental, and house vibes. You can call them a full musical package out of Michigan – but never forget to mention their daily inspiration from their city Detroit, and its culture. The city that always pushes them to go further, and to believe that they can achieve everything they want.

Scan 7 was born in the late 80’s by Track Masta Lou, Vernell Shelton, and Maurice Elohim King R.I.P. 1993 was a pivotal year for Scan 7. First release the „Introducing Scan 7 EP“ was on the fabled Underground Resistance label. 2000 was the year of their first live act including members Track Masta Lou, Detroit’s Own Dj Red Line, Blak Tony, and Nuff. Thanks to Carl Craig they were able to close out the first D.E.M.F underground stage. Other members soon joined such as Dj Deep, Agent Kedi, Tatem, Ghost, and One of 7 who was the first female member.

The youngest member is Mr. Hooper, an exceptional talent out of the Motor City.
He wrote his first song on the piano playing four finger chords at 6 years old and recorded it on cassette. In 2006, at the age of 17, he was introduced to Track Masta Lou, who rejected his tracks for 7 years before he gained entry to be a part of Scan 7. Hooper’s productions are unique, fresh, with a crispy sound which enriches the releases.

Scan 7 has had a pretty busy 2018 with new releases on well-respected labels, and a European tour planned.

Everything is falling in place with Lou Robinson’s goals:
„I wanna travel the world with my music, and I would love to reach people from all backgrounds, and cultures. I want to tell a story that will leave a mark on people’s hearts with an uplifting message.” United we Scan!!!!

Here are 4 of our favourite Scan 7 moment’s:

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