Slam – Artist Of The Week

Slam – Artist Of The Week

Editor: 2018 seen Slam kick off the year with the Massive “Solace” track on Soma and since then 2018 has had 11 Slam releases so far. The dynamic Glaswegian duo, real names Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle, have both been on our radar since SOMA-1 and personally, I’ve been enthralled with their production prowess ever since.

So, for our 19th Artist of the week feature, we really wanted to feature one of our favourite production duo’s. Editor End.

Slam’s Soma label is currently in its 27th year, you only have to take one look at the release schedule to understand why they have remained on the cutting edge of the techno scene and firmly at the forefront of musical innovation.

Protagonists since the early days, Slam are known for their forward-thinking techno, recent ‘Transmissions: Glasgow compilation showed a continued commitment to the future, this time centered around the talent of their hometown and focusing on the burgeoning Techno scene which is so prominent in the city. Over the last 3 years, the pair has also developed ‘Slam Radio’, delivering some of the best DJs and music that Techno has to offer to a massive and loyal weekly following, with a truly underground flavor.

SLAM instigated Glasgow’s underground House music scene in the late 1980s, going on to be instrumental in the explosion of the UK Techno scene, and their quarter of a century of exploits have seen them travel far and wide, leaving scorch marks on dance floors everywhere while taking their uncompromising vision of Techno around the world. Since 1997, SLAM has curated the ‘Slam Tent’ at Scotland’s biggest festival ‘T in the Park’, with some of the world’s best-known DJs and live acts playing alongside underground groundbreaking talent on their monumental stage. Their firmly established monthly club events in Glasgow, ‘Pressure’ (formerly at the Arches now at SWG3) and ‘Return To Mono’ at the Sub Club, are ranked amongst the best nights out on the planet.

After presenting some of their finest work to date with their fifth album, ‘Reverse Proceed’, the legendary producers continue to demonstrate why they are an important part of modern-day electronic music. Their music is dropped by leading DJs across the spectrum of the Techno scene, being followed by their enormous ‘Make You Move’ on their Paragraph track series. SLAM have never been ones to rest on their musical laurels and they are constantly and consistently experimenting in the studio, working multitude of tracks, many of which have surfaced in recent times in the form of singles for labels like Figure, Drumcode and of course their own Soma Records and Paragraph imprints. When Soma reached its 400th single release, who better to provide the soundtrack, and with Soma reaching its silver jubilee of 25 years in the game the duo who were instrumental in its formation will reach another pinnacle in a glittering ascent.

Editor: Watch out for our exclusive Interview with Slam in the coming weeks.

Here are 4 of our favorite Slam Productions

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