Unit – Programs & Vectors – Machine [Recommended Techno]


Unit – Programs & Vectors EP – Machine [Recommended Techno]

Label. Machine
Artist. Unit
Title. Programs & Vectors EP Format. Digital

Release Date. August 6th, 2018 Distribution. The Orchard Domain. www.machinelabel.co

Label Press Release:

Next cab off the rank on Melbourne‘s MACHINE LABEL is another spellbinding package from UK duo UNIT, the follow up to their Exposition EP [MACH039] from earlier in the year. Another di- verse package brimming with the experience and class evident in their earlier work. Three very different tracks each calling for it’s own floor, moment, time. All in all this EP offers a comparative light touch at the end of a hard fought night.

1. R-Flact : a shuffling foray into a sonorous and playful place, dripping wet with watery crystal- line glass tones, super crisp percussion and compelling call and response synth overtures. Beg- ging for swivelling hips, dancing hands and mirror balls.

2. Programs & Vectors: shunting down a disused underground railway populated by echoes and ghosts; the locomotive rolls through arpeggiated bleep theory and comes out kicking and screa- ming for the head of the queen.

3. Look at Me Through a Magnifying Glass: A sensual, dreamy, float tank tech. Rounded out stabs so the knife doesn’t slice the skin; the blade gleams in the fractal light of a hundred mirror balls; held in her hand, chin held high, eyes indiscreet, shuffling, crying, sighing: “Look at me, look at me” an echo of an afterthought, buried deep in the breast.

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