Altrd Being – Microcosmos EP – Ascetic Limited – Recommended Techno

Altrd Being

Altrd Being – Microcosmos EP – Ascetic Limited – Recommended Techno


Label. Ascetic Limited
Artist. Altrd Being
Remixer. Aegis
Title. Microcosmos EP
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. ASCETICX01

Release Date. October 18th 2018

Distribution. Labelworx


1. Microcosmos (Original Mix)

2. Microcosmos (Aegis Remix)

3. Canere (Original Mix)

4. Reason Cuatro (Original Mix)


The Label: Ascetic Limited is starting a new catalog as an outlet for more frequent and alternative projects in which we aim to give the artists full control of their sonic expressions. To start off the series we present Altrd Being‘s first solo EP in 3 years after having released his last EP on Black Art Records (Co- Colombia). One half of Motion and co-founder of the label presents 3 tracks showcasing his sound, plus a remix from Aegis, a moniker of our Ascetic family, Christian Gerlach.

The title track Microcosmos is a hypnotic bass heavy journey that takes the listener into the realms created by Altrd Being.

Second, Aegis’ version of Microcosmos is a mind-melting interpretation, taking some of the sounds from the original and taking it to a more dance floor vibe. Next, Canere is an experimental, dance floor oriented ambient techno track in which Altrd Being builds a ghostly ambiance with suspense. Lastly, Reason Cuatro ends the EP with a minimal, yet groovy and trippy vibe, showcasing the ideas of Altrd Being.

Ascetic Limited


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