Andres Campo – Artist Of The Week

 Andres Campo – Artist of  The Week 

We return this week with our Artist of The Week feature, Andres Campo’s already flourishing career is experiencing a swift and dramatic upturn. From becoming one of the most beloved DJs and producers in Spain, his name is now a worldwide byword for talent, quality and exciting music, both as a DJ, including his Florida 135 residency along with many international shows, and as a producer, signing to Second State, Intec, Mood, Odd Recordings and Mindshake in the last year alone.

Although his summer gig calendar is impressive – RESISTANCE, Zurich Street Parade, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Summer Story and more – and he was part of Space Ibiza’s final year – he also brings his brand of magic to intimate clubs. His sell-out annual all night long sets at the iconic ‘techno cathedral’ Florida 135 in Barcelona, are fabled among the ever-growing cult following he has established today. His residency there since 2012 has seen him host some of techno’s giants, a long way from his beginning aged sixteen as resident at small clubs in his home town Huesca..
Campo loves many forms of music and endeavours to find what the floor needs in every gig, letting that determine what he plays; from delivering a groove to an acid cut to heavy techno. Choosing the obscure over the obvious, no Andres set is the same, and he delights in surprising clubbers by playing tracks and mixes that come from deep within his record collection. With an abundance of musical influence, his love affair with music began with his mum’s Bee Gees and disco vinyl records, followed by listening to pirate radio shows, and cassettes handed down from his big brother. He began as a teenage DJ playing trance and acid, taking as his inspiration 90s DJ heroes and the sounds of Coliseum and his current residency Florida 135.
Andres Campo
Having garnered such a name for himself through electric performances, Andres Campo back catalogue of releases is an aptly eminent one. This year’s debuts on Second State, Intec and other exciting labels yet to be announced join his impressive roster of releases on Mood, Phobiq, Mindshake, and Odd Recordings. Campo has delivered several stand out releases for Ramiro Lopez’s Odd Recordings imprint, including the sensational cuts ‘Pachamama’ and ‘Vamped’ last year, which were pivotal in elevating Campo to international renown.
As well as his undoubted brilliance as music producer and DJ, Andres Campo is an engaging, amusing, open-hearted character who likes to connect with a crowd, which responds with love and affection as well as appreciation (though if anyone is thinking of inviting him for dinner or a beer, make it gluten-free please.) He draws packed crowds on the dance floor, and his many followers are true fanatics.
The future for  Andres Campo includes launching a new record label, EI8HT, with long-time friend Eats Everything. And possibly world domination, but he’s keeping that a secret for now.

Here are 4 of our favourite Andres Campo moment’s:


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