Code Bushido – Shogun – Bakroom – Recommended Techno

code bushido
Techno Release by Christian Boshell and Aidan Kelly

Code Bushido – Shogun – Bakroom – Recommended Techno


Code Bushido – Shogun by Irish mainstays, Aidan Kelly and Christian Boshell, met in the early 90s. They DJ’d together for the first time in Tin Pan Alley; a Dublin underground house and techno weekly known only by word of mouth. Shortly thereafter, they began creating soundscapes and capturing life for film and television, most recently on the Dublin 2020 project, a short film focused on Dublin city councils bid for European City of culture in 2020. What followed was a studio partnership under the guise Paperheart. The explorations produced a series of unfiltered eclectic-dubbed-out-electronic-ambient soundscapes originally planned for film. As things would have it, the experiments ended up as their freshman concept album, Torn Apart. Set to be released in 2018 on ICONYC, what thankfully spawned was a second techno moniker; Code Bushido.

Code Bushido is all about pushing the boundaries of the very broad-stroked genres of techno, house, and tech-house. As the first of many to come, Bakroom will release their first single, Shogun on the 28th January 2018; a tough driving, intensely focused, and powerful chuggernaut built on heavy house and techno. Expect obscure vocals, foley edits, and environmental mishaps. Think trains, cars, dialog, industrial grinds and cuts or panything they see fit and you’ve got Code Bushido.

Their debut release on Bakroom includes three equally influential techno remixes from duo-of-the-moment G-Prod recently signed to R&S Records, Static Interference and fellow Irish producer Sylar who has releases on Teleskopik, Sounds Rus and Omnis.

Label: Bakroom
Artist: Code Bushido
Title: Shogun
Format: Digital/Vinyl
Release Date: Mar 15th, 2019

Other Techno productions by Code Bushido:

Shogun is taken from Code Bushido – Black Arts house and techno album due out on Bakroom in 2019.

Techno Album - Code Bushido - Black Arts

Code Bushido


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