Sven Vath Presents Cocoon 20 years in Ibiza @ Amnesia

Cocoon 20

Sven Vath Presents Cocoon 20 years in Ibiza @ Amnesia

With more than 2 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Cocoon have become more and more adventurous as the years have gone on, musically and in the design and visuals side of things they are leaders in their craft. Presenting astonishing parties in Amnesia at the very forefront of club culture respecting Ibiza’s significance in the global techno scene and in the end becoming part of its folklore.
From Sven Vath hosting festival stages to presenting intimate club nights, there is a fanatical clued up team behind the Cocoon scene. One of the things we noticed immediately was that there were no compromises, with sound, visuals and the most important thing the DJ lineup, Cocoon 20 with Sven at the helm was a very special event.

Sven Vath Presents Cocoon 20


“I have been going to Ibiza for at least 20 years and I cannot believe I’ve never been to Amnesia, let alone a Cocoon night. In years gone by we always seemed to end up in Space for some unknown reason.

Amnesia is truly wonderful! Loads of character, there is a real authentic feel to it,  many clubs these days are into the polish and sparkle of Hi Ibiza, which is also an amazing venue, but Amnesia to me at least has a slightly more charming feel about it. To get the chance to hear Josh Wink (who played yet another mesmerising set), Anna, Dubfire, Tale of Us and the Sonic Emperor of Cocoon Sven Väth was something not to be missed on this milestone 20th-anniversary party and what a night it turned out to be. Sven played a mammoth four and a half-hour set on the Terrace and pretty much went for it from the off with his futuristic groove-driven techno, slamming down an amazing sound system.

Josh Wink Cocoon 20

As an old school clubber and retired vinyl spinning DJ, it was refreshing to see two boxes of records placed behind the decks. Sven Vath has been a music innovator & trendsetter since the ’80s and last night was a real magical treat. It was all about the pumping drums, beautifully clean percussion with driving gargantuan synth leads and endless energetic chug to keep us on our toes. A master class in every sense, well and truly amazing. He’s so engaging with the crowd, his love for electronic music is always on show and is quite palpable,  and super-nice to witness. 

Meanwhile, Anna was pounding it out in the Club, with an incredible amount of DJ skill. The sheer amount of mixing was really incredible and the track selection was definitely on point. After listening to her productions for the last couple of years I was really impressed with her, as was the enthralled crowd!

Anna Cocoon 20

Anna then handed over the reins to Sci+Tec label supremo Dubfire who slowed the pace slightly, which made space for his own trademark deep spacey techno sound. He rocked the party in the Club until close.

Tale of Us are amongst some of our favourite artists and promoters at the minute with their own Afterlife parties happening every Thursday at Hi Ibiza. We went to see them last week and they have yet to disappoint. Their guest slot at Cocoon was no exception, as their unique blend of melodic techno just oozes style and sophistication. It’s almost hypnotising. What a way to end an incredible party. It was one of those nights that you look at your phone to see the time and want time to slow down cause you don’t want it to end.

Well done Cocoon Ibiza, the happiest of birthdays for this 20 year celebration & may there be many many more to come.”

Tale of Us cocoon 20

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Words by Ed Bergmann

Photos and credits: Cocoon, Amnesia, Ben Ryan Photography, Amethyst – PR, Ed Bergmann Photography


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