Echoforce | Phonophlux – Mir / Vortex on Bakroom – Recommended Techno

Echoforce Phonophlux

Echoforce | Phonophlux – Mir / Vortex on Bakroom – Recommended Techno

Phonophlux | Echoforce, born 1976 in Ghent (Belgium). We first became aware of his music from our French pals G-Prod of R&S Records back in 2016 and have really enjoyed watching his musical style develop over the last 4 years.  We caught up with Geoffrey aka Echoforce | Phonophlux recently;

“Music and arts have always had their place in my life, even at a young age. Growing up with the legendary 90’s high in techno music I was pulled in by it instantly and soon after that, my journey into music production started. Inspired by the legendary Detroit Techno Belleville 3, I started my first tryouts with a used Roland 303. It was then that began my passion for hardware music production. Challenging myself with one-take track recordings, my music caught the attention of a few international labels. Later I upscaled my hardware with the Korg EMX-1 and the Roland TR808 and Native Instruments MK2, these are my favourite studio vessels currently.”

His bio shows numerous digital releases since his first in 2016 on labels; Symmetric, Groove Factory, Modular Grid, Frequency shift & Nothing But.

He explains further  “Echoforce is a moniker of mine that concentrates on dub tech and soundscapes. Music plays a major part in my life and the passion has only been growing over time: it has become my healthy microbe. I am still fascinated by the power of techno music & will keep producing, maybe not on such a high track rotation level as a few years ago, but you will see and hear more of my productions being released.

We asked him about his studio workflow;  “it’s mostly a combination of groove-box sampling, live MIDI-keys, and software music production.” 
DJ support for his projects includes; Claude Young, Damien Rice, Renaat Vandepapeliere of R&S records, Code Bushido, Frank Zolex, David Morley, Echogarden, Duchess Of Dub, Logos Recordings, Run on Recordings & Corrupt Systems.

Echoforce aka Phonophlux

To connect with Echoforce | Phonophlux on social media click on the artwork above or go:

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