Kompakt Total 19 – Various Artists Compilation – Recommended

Kompakt Total 19

KOMPAKT Total 19 – Various Artists Compilation – Recommended

The standout promo we received in August was from Kompakt, it was for several reasons, the main reason was the music, that comes first, but what struck us immediately when we received the email was the scale of the compilation, 26 tracks with so many talented artists. The list begins with Weval which kinda reminded me of some of Thom Yorke’s music, Jord Burger, Sascha Funke, Thomas Mayer, Albert Luxus, Julian Stetter, Tom Demac, Jurgen Paape, Reinhard Voigt, Rex the dog, Patrice Baumel, Justus Kohncke, Voigt & Voigt, Anii, Clarian, The modernist, the amazing Extrawelt, which I used for next months radio show, DJ Balduin, there’s even one from Technoscene office favourite Anna,  Mz Sunday Luv, Fahrland, La Fleur, James Monro & John Monkman, Blackrachas, Raxon, Jonathan Kaspar, Yotam Avni and ends with Kolsch’s remix of 618 by Gui Borrato.

We’ve had the pleasure of listening to ‘Total 19’ for the last month or so, and now have many favourites. Michael Mayer & the entire team at Kompakt have outdone themselves with an excellent selection of electronic music that will still sound great 5 years from now.

KOMPAKT explains;

You may ask: “In the day and age of streaming playlists and the omnipresence of freely available mixes, what’s the use of a label compilation?” The answer is simple: labels still serve as a dearly needed filter mechanism in this tsunami of music we’re facing every day. Labels strive to establish trust between artists and listeners. They’re like your favourite restaurant around the corner. On the spur of the moment, you might find more excitement in that hip place that just opened somewhere else. But when the novelty fades, you’ll always return to your sanctuary. The safe place where they know your name and the last drink is on the house. KOMPAKT has become such a place for generations of fans and artists alike. And the TOTAL compilation series serves as its menu: always changing but instantly recognisable.

As per usual TOTAL is a collection of the past years biggest tunes, the creme de la creme of KOMPAKT’s steady output of 12″s topped off with eight exclusive unreleased tracks that are also available on the 2LP vinyl edition of TOTAL 19.

With JÜRGEN PAAPE, the notorious VOIGT brothers, THOMAS/MAYER and JÖRG BURGER – all founding fathers are on board. Legacy artists SASCHA FUNKE and JUSTUS KÖHNCKE make their long-awaited comebacks, the latter with a kinky Patrick Cowley homage called “Mindless Sex Track”. Cologne young blood JULIAN STETTER nails the starry-eyed, romantic KOMPAKT signature sound with his remix for an up and coming local pop outfit called ALBERT LUXUS. JONATHAN KASPAR makes his KOMPAKT label debut with his slinky track “Renard”. DJ BALDUIN definitely is one to watch in 2020. His massive “E.W.B.A.” transcends the friendly populism of an ancient Love Parade anthem while capturing the sincere spirit of today’s electro revival. REX THE DOG’s “Vortex” and TOM DEMAC’s “Serenade” perfectly showcase why KOMPAKT is still one of the most played and charted labels in electronic music today. In a scene that is more fragmented than ever these two producers delivered true consensus hits that are cherished on all sizes and shapes of floors beyond genre boundaries.

The second half completely belongs to a whole new breed from our beloved SPEICHER series such as ANNA, YOTAM AVNI, EXTRAWELT, RAXON, BLACKRACHAS, JOHN MONKMAN and LA FLEUR alongside our full-time members PATRICE BÄUMEL, KÖLSCH and GUI BORATTO. The energy levels are way up and the mission reads clearly: We’ll never stop dancing this way – MICHAEL MAYER  | KOMPAKT co-owner, curator of the TOTAL series 

Technoscene Editor: The album contains a beautiful eclectic blend of electronica, house & techno, each production impeccably mixed. Total 19 is an album worth buying and owning, available on vinyl & digital.


CD 1

01 Weval – Are You Even Real
02 Jörg Burger – Eloise
03 Sascha Funke – Aus Der Lameng
04 Thomas/Mayer – Total Anders
05 Albert Luxus – In Den Arm Bitte! (Julian Stetter Mix)
06 Tom Demac – Serenade
07 Jürgen Paape – Abstrusia
08 Reinhard Voigt – Der Mann, der nie nach Deutz kam
09 Rex The Dog – Vortex (Radio Edit)
10 Justus Köhncke – Mindless Sex Track
11 Voigt & Voigt – Der Schwarm
12 Anii – Ride The Tiger
13 Clarian – Early Life

CD 2

01 Extrawelt – Pink Panzer
02 Dj Balduin – E.W.B.A.
03 ANNA – Remembrance (Main Mix)
04 Fahrland – Yesterday (Night Version)
05 Patrice Bäumel – Grace
06 La Fleur – Tears
07 John Monkman & James Monro – Pesto Punk
08 Blackrachas – Rotary
09 Raxon – Dark Light
10 Yotam Avni – Track for Agoria
11 Jonathan Kaspar – Renard
12 Gui Boratto – 618 (Kölsch Mix)


A1: Jürgen Paape – Abstrusia
A2: Jonathan Kaspar – Renard

B1: Thomas/Mayer – Total Anders
B2: Albert Luxus – In Den Arm Bitte! (Julian Stetter Mix)

C1: Sascha Funke – Aus Der Lameng
C2: The Modernist – Super Recognizer

D1: Voigt & Voigt – Der Schwarm
D2: Justus Köhncke – Mindless Sex Track

You can also check out Michael Mayer on BBC Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents…

Michael Mayer BBC

To connect with Kompakt on social media: https://facebook.com/KompaktRecords/

For more Album Recommendations go here: https://technoscene.eu/albumreviews/


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