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Petrichor | Narrishu


Wouldn’t it make perfect sense that a stablemate long term workhorse at Soma in Glasgow, the same that runs a prolific school of music called Subsine. Were exists a constant stream of ideas and conversations, has spent all of his time and wages over the years in collecting musical hardware. Simon Stokes with all of this work and output has brought him to this juncture and decided to strip it all back! Petrichor‘s album begins with the track ‘San’ starting with strength and subtlety of chord work, Or’ Valdo’ with its sluggish break that is both ambient and moving. 

Narisshu is a very very good album, broaching all genres we are familiar with, yet it’s box-fresh and saying something new. 

It should be a go-to work that becomes so familiar to you that you know the changes off by heart, you just let it play through. 

But as the notes develop, it gets smart with glitches and rhythms. 

The sound of rainfall serves as the field recording in the background. His association and a historic Soma legacy, It’s deep, grown-up, thoughtful, all carefully considered.

To put together something so classic in its feeling, with a sense of solidity. Robust in the choices of sounds, they are sturdy, mature, and this is what producers and DJs want most. Reliable musical ideas that encourage you to play tracks like Blöta out loud and attempt to emulate in the studio. 

Recently in a questions and answers session online, Stokes is honest and open about how he came to his ideas for this release. 

He added a list of tools he uses to create the work he is known. 

Who as a producer not been influenced by Roland’s incredible depth of sounds and interfaces and on Petrichor‘s list are classics like the Roland SH-101, the Roland MC-909 and the Roland SH-1000 He’s also using both the Waldorf Blofeld and the Waldorf XTK – his favourite machines of the moment!

In this world of up-tempo anthems, fluid loops and never-ending nights in low ceiling clubs from Dublin to Zagreb, Petrichors newest offering captures this world. 

Virus TI - Petrichor Studio


Music by Petrichor

Artwork and Photos by Soma | Simon Stokes

Review by Aidan Kelly (Code Bushido/Paperheart)

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