Marcus Schmickler – Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy – Recommended Techno

Marcus Schmickler

Marcus Schmickler  – Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy – Recommended Techno

Marcus Schmickler’s “Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy” on the ever groundbreaking Kompakt records comes gently as a thunderous storm would from far off on the horizon and toward you like scared bees or a lock on the run. It is also a work that possibly represents our largely chaotic time by way of an anthem for changes. It is epic in its simplicity, but yet it is frighteningly complex and enveloping with turns, layers and tempo drops.
It is all musical types, a pure clash of energy
This work is deeply rooted in the ideas of physicality and how Marcus Schmickler experiments and uses the tonal ranges, the effects of sound whether they are inspired by nature and it’s patterns or randomness and then there’s the discussion of mathematics, that work like this can have an effect on your ears and your body tonally. Take time to see an interview with Peter Kim about a previous work Altars of Science and hear Marcus speak about his experimental ideas on sonics.
If you let it take you over, it remains with you for quite a time, not for the faint-hearted in saying this but to be expected as Schmickler’s output to date is collaborative and equally single-minded, experimental and varied in his blurring of the lines to achieve his aim, his discovery.

The terms, Sonic and Exploration are put to the test here with the length of the piece split in two for the vinyl release coming in at 37 minutes.
Imagine this work in an intimate setting with an accompanying piece of film or a view of the world that can only compliment. Maybe this world is ready for such work, there is a long list of practitioners who have taken the sound out of its normal environs and said something more with it, this piece is doing just that, surely this latest release is deserved of its high place in that canon along with the masters.


Available to buy on Vinyl & Digital.

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