Hemka – Volphonie – Recommended Techno


Hemka – Volphonie – Recommended Techno

Calmly moving from side to side, Hemka performs with purpose. 
The tracks are bursting out of sound systems that can barely cope. 
With recent dates like an appearance in Utrecht, H7 in Amsterdam and her infamous EXIL nights from Paris, Hemka keeps the best company working alongside like-minded ambassadors. A native of Marseille, the striking performer DJ, releases this four-track stormer. 
Like her sets, It pulls no punches. 
To add to her growing reputation for rolling Techno that has enough psychedelic and colourful influences to keep you guessing, she heralds her sound through well thought out DJ sets that provide a perfect platform for her creations. 
She freely admits that she wears her heart on her sleeve, turning her dislikes into positives, a bass player early on she drifted towards turntables and electronics.  She seems to be always making and playing music. With DJs / producers, there is a need to engage with an avid audience, and to work in this field is a blessing. 
This current release on Balans records ‘As good as gold’, and ‘last journey’ has us shaking. Sparse building drum loops, dark Techno with plenty of soul and leads. The use of offbeat percussion, a Detroit flavour on those synths. The work here is allowed to breathe, and that’s experience with this sound in rooms set up for just that.
All well thought out and yet hyper. Hemka’s choices in arrangements and percussion are powerful; it’s safe to say that this is a big sound-track for a long car journey or your Saturday into Sunday.
Think about the technique of Jeff Mills or the theatrics of Laurent Garnier,  And the result is tight arrangements. These sounds used have time to do their work; this sound in a space with energy would be tough to resist.  We have someone new to carry the classic idea of Techno onto the next step, and this record has much to offer.  Pay attention to her work and watch with interest.

You can check out Hemka‘s latest here:



To connect with Hemka via social media: https://www.facebook.com/hemkaofficial/

For more recommended techno singles: https://technoscene.eu/singlereviews/


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