10 Questions 2 – Cari Lekebusch – Technoscene Interview

Cari Lekebusch

10 Questions 2 – Cari Lekebusch – Technoscene Interview


01. Hello Cari aka Mr. James Barth & thanks for taking the time out to chat with us for this ADE week special. Can you tell us about your music history, do you have formal training, maybe something many people don’t know about you? 


CARI: Greetings and thanks a lot for the invite! Very sorry for the delay, i have just moved to Helsinki from Stockholm and am still living out of boxes. I don’t have any official education in music but instead, I created my own by listening to lots of music, reading audio engineering books and foremost by working and hanging with more experienced musicians, sound engineers and producers. My father was an electronics engineer and his business included all types of sound equipment like speakers, amplifiers and sound systems. Together with my mother, he had a huge record collection that took me many years to listen through, and from the age of 5, it was one of my favourite things to do. Especially the electronic music genres caught my ear and when i heard the first Kraftwerk tracks i realized the electronic bug had gotten me for real. Since electronic instruments were crazy expensive back then, it sadly took me many years to get enough instruments to make my recordings properly – but in the meantime, i could educate myself more regarding the technical aspects. In my late teenage years, i tried to enter some kind of music education but there really was none and perhaps it was for the best since you get your unique style when going to an alternative school so to say. Nowadays it’s, of course, possible to get various musical education in Sweden regarding productions – there was a lot of interesting things happening in that area during the 90s in Sweden, which led to Sweden being one of the top music production countries of the world today. My school education is in the economy – how to operate a company, money, trading and that kind of stuff. Was thinking it would be clever to know some of that so it would be easier to manage my own company and record label after finishing the education. 


 02. How did you get into the techno scene and what are your first memories of techno music? 


 CARI: Before there was any genre called Techno, there was Electro and Synth music for example. This was very much the precursor for Techno and i remember important tracks in the early 80s that for sure helped to establish Techno as a genre. “Techno Scratch” by The Knights of the Turntables was probably the first time i heard the definition Techno and Kraftwerks line “Music non-stop – Techno Pop” surely helped to create what is now a HUGE genre with many subgenres. Cybotrons track “Techno City” is a personal Detroit Techno classic indeed! Detroit has also been keeping the Electro genre alive and well, ever since the 90s by Underground Resistance. “Afrogermanic” by Agent Chaos aka Marc Floyd is one of the absolute favourites together with “Wavejumper” by Drexciya. Of course, there are many heavy influences in Techno/Electro also stemming from the 70s Disco, Soul and Funk areas – and especially the gay scene have always enjoyed dancing and thus giving Techno much attention and love to grow during the 80s and 90s. 


 03. Where do you see the Techno scene in 10 years? And how do you see yourself in 10 years within the scene? 


 CARI: That’s one of the fundamental things about Techno if you ask me, the best of it sounds like it comes from the future although it’s 30 years old, like “Techno City” by Cybotron. In 10 years there will be even more types of Techno and probably in 30 years, there will be a church opening for it or some kind of religion haha! Hey, then we don’t have to pay taxes! On a more serious note, i reckon Techno will be where we are as individuals – where are you coming from personally and where you are going. 


 04. Where do you most enjoying playing? Crowded festivals or the more intimate clubs? 


 CARI: Clubs every day if I had to choose, but some smaller festivals have been impressing me for the past 5 years with some amazingly cool productions. It’s hard to compare festivals with smaller clubs though, just for the fact that clubs can give you an esoteric experience, while festivals are mainly exoteric and more for beginners in the dance music culture. Mostly I enjoy playing at events where the music is in focus and the release of pressure, not some type of political agenda or money venture. Sadly that’s rarely the case when it comes to large festivals. 


 05. Do you prefer to play live/DJ or is it all about music production? 


 CARI: For me, it walks hand in hand very well, since i want to test new productions in the club right away after creating them, that’s where you can notice right away if some sections of the new track are too long or short for example – or if there is enough bass, one can never have too much bass! Producing art is a natural need for me just like eating, breathing or sleeping and i would produce music even if nobody would book me to their club. Performing live is great for the inspiration as well and analyzing the psychology of a dancefloor is unbelievably interesting! Some of the most fun and weird ideas have been born the week after visiting various clubs and events. 

Cari Lekebusch 

 06. Tell us the proudest moment of your career to date? 


 CARI: When i realized that also musicians and entertainers are important just like the fire department, hospitals or similar things. Music is like medicine for your mind and soul – also for your body its healthy to move, dance and exercise of course. Many people on my travels have told me that the only way that they can deal with another week at work, trying to please their sociopathic boss or stressful situations in the hospitals emergency room, is to spend at least 1 or 2 days a month at a mad Techno event blowing off steam that built up during the previous weeks. 


 07. What music genres do you listen to when you’re at home? 


 CARI: As many genres as i can find hehe! Electro, House, Techno, Jazz, Funk, Dub, Ambient, Electronica, Hip-Hop and other Urban area genres. Although I always seem to fall back to that electronic sound that feels so natural to me personally. Can never get enough Electro and for more calmer moods ambient. I do like a good concert now and then, even in the pop genres. Recently I saw a concert with a Swedish band called ‘Little Dragon’ that i can highly recommend! 


 08. What parties and festivals should we not miss this year (2019)? 


 CARI: That’s a tricky question for sure, and deserves a tricky answer LOL! I would say to all the Techno lovers out there to please support the events, artists and peoples out there that are trying to stay true to the music and culture. The ones that give back to where they got it from and the ones that are not exploiting everything they can and then dumping their shit on their neighbour’s doorsteps. If you give your money to the wrong people – they will leave after creating a desert, and the right people that never got your money had to leave as well so now you’re alone in a desert which doesn’t sound like much fun to me =( 


 09. Do you have any does or don’ts regarding tips for upcoming talents? 


 CARI: Don’t follow anybody but yourselves, ignore trends, try hard to form your sound and most importantly – be patient. Lock yourself in a studio dungeon for a few years before starting to release your productions in public. I would also suggest staying away from shortcuts since they don’t teach you anything – be consistent and intelligent, utilizing both your emotions and your intellect – connect them because separated they can never bear righteous fruit. 


 10. Lastly, Can you tell us about your Mr Barth alias, as we missed it the first time around, also what plans do you have for your Motto Sono label in the upcoming 12 Months? 


 CARI: Between 1991-1999 i released all my deep and house grooves on SVEK and Plumphouse Records, under the pseudonym Mr Barth or Mr James Barth and i have – except a few remixes here and there, been missing a platform were to release that kind of feeling. Motto Sono will house exactly that type of sound and besides Mr Barth, the label will feature already established artists as well as some brand new ones in the making. It is too early to nail down more exact details and it will take some years to build up a catalogue of releases and artists, but if you are into really deep, hypnotic, smooth grooves then watch that Motto Sono space in 2020 and you won’t be disappointed!

10 questions 2 Interview by Static Interference

Photos by Marilyn Mouradian & Sesse

Graphic Design by Ed Bergmann @ #warphype


To connect with Cari Lekebusch via social media: https://facebook.com/CariLekebuschOfficial/

For more 10 Questions 2 interviews visit here: https://technoscene.eu/10questions2/


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