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Umek – Vigilance EP

Some years ago, in Zurich [2003], this writer visited an exhibition in the famous Migros supermarket organisation to see an installation of the work of Turner prize winner Mark Leckey. The initial opening salvo from Umek’s newest release ‘Keep Bustin’ and ‘Vigilance’ triggers a memory of this installation. After some video work on the walls in the distance at the back of the long hall, you move toward a sound that is familiar if you are a lover of electronic music.

Inside a compact sound-proofed flight case that can only fit one individual, you step inside and close the door behind you.
The sound system inside begins, and it is loud. Not unlike Umek’s use of reverb which makes this quite simple work sound intense and roomy. That Slovenian techno of his takes you directly to the front door of Tresor in Berlin, Sub-Club Glasgow or Modular South Africa and the chance of getting refused from all those clubs.

Alternatively, if you’ve had the chance to see Umek’s style of a set or the 1605 radio sessions, he’s the ambassador of these raw and sharp sounds that thunder and crash into each other.

On this new release, it seems as if the percussion and the kick drums sit just underneath low acid lines, they accompany unusual leads and. Over-all this there’s a slicing hi-hat that drops out in the automation, it glues everything together.

This Vigilance extended player is a stable release on his home label 1605, and those who know are familiar with his level of work.

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Words by @AidanKelly | Code Bushido


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