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STUDIO 1 “Schwarz” 



While compiling the “Earquake” project, amongst other unreleased treasures Wolfgang Voigt discovered a lost EP from his fabled Studio 1 series….which is now finally available on 12″ / Download exclusively via KOMPAKT.FM. 

STUDIO 1 “Schwarz”
Catalogue Number: Studio 1 / 11
Out Now – 12″ / Download


Beside GAS, Studio 1 is the most well-known project within Wolfgang Voigt’s oeuvre.

The series, comprising ten vinyl-releases and one CD-compilation, was brought into being in 1995 and is – until today – known as one of the most important conceptual precursors of Minimal Techno. 
The formally strict but highly memorable series of ten maxis without individual titles, whose covers only distinguish themselves by the chosen colour gained international attention, even far beyond the techno discourse.
In the context of the latest mammoth project »EARQUAKE – Wolfgang Voigt 1991-1999«, a comprehensive digital new-, respectively initial release of Voigt’s almost entire musical work of the 1990s, there are also some so far unpublished pieces going to be released on vinyl. So is the maxi-single »Studio 1/11 – Schwarz« from 1997, which – in respect of its sound and vision  – assimilates seamlessly in the so-far known series.

A collector’s item. 

“The classic 12″s made under the name Studio 1 represent Voigt at his rigorous and minimalistic. Indeed, no history of minimal-techno could go long without acknowledging Voigt’s debt. But Studio 1 is more than a mere historical artefact, in part for the ways it continues to make the “present” its project.” – PITCHFORK

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