Godfazer by D16 – Gear Review

Godfazer review

Godfazer by D16 – Gear Review

A few months back D16 Group released their new effect plugin for the SilverLine series.

Godfazer is a new advanced modulation effect plugin that combines multiple modulations and filter types in a single device. It offers a massive amount in terms of sonic manipulation through its interface capabilities, automatable, SYNC LFO which from an audio perspective reminded us of the recently unveiled and yet to be released UDO Super 6 Binaural synthesizer, there is also chorus, filter, phaser, rotary speaker and tremolo effects. According to D16, it is their most versatile and powerful modulation effect processor yet and I would have to agree wholeheartedly, I have been using their plugins for a number of years now and in nearly every music production in the studio in the past few weeks, Godfazer was my new go-to plugin, extremely versatile on multiple sound sources. I have a habit of going into old projects and trying to revitalise them with distance and a new perspective and the Godfazer I tried on at least 10 projects to great effect. Some moments that stood out were adding it to a Pad section to add tremolo to a part in the arrangement that needed more sonic fluctuation, it added what felt like more power under the hood.

From a technical perspective what I will say without droning on, the GUI (graphical user interface) has a tactile look to it. I’m sure highly inspired by the classic Technics SU-7100 from the late ’70s to mid-80s, very sleek and vintage feel to it, it also offers the user 3 different skin sizes to view, BIG, middle & small for those of us soon to be in need of glasses this is a welcome addition which I welcome other developers to follow suit. Each preset had its own distinct feel when added to a minimal drum loop the phasing that occurred was spellbinding, i went and duplicated the audio channel and layered the very next preset in the list and as if by magic it sat beautifully in the frequency spectrum with what was already happening, i then added some hard-left/right panning and continued to arrange like I had been using Godfazer years. 

It also allows you to mix multiple processing styles for complex results. Both multi-filters and the ensemble module can be configured in any of six preset topologies. It appears to offer all the signal routing combinations you could ever need. The most used feature for me was automating the multi filters with two flexible modulators, each switchable between four diverse signal generator types giving deep creative control. 

Previous supporters of D16 plugins are Techno A-listers Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing & Stephan Bodzin who said this about them: “Actually the whole product line of d16 is made of stunning quality”.

I am a massive fan of the company D16 and their product line just keeps getting better, here’s the lowdown from the developer about what Godfazer can do for you in your setup

The Swiss army knife of modulation effects

The most powerful modulation effect we’ve ever created for chorus, phasing, filtering, rotary speaker emulation and much more. Built with creative sound design at the top of the agenda, Godfazer spatially and spectrally transforms signals of all kinds with its versatile Ensemble module and two dual-modulated Multi Filters.

Vintage devices and more

Godfazer’s Ensemble section offers a wide range of delay- and amplitude-modulating vintage device emulations, including BBD-based choruses, Solina-style ensembles and rotary speakers, as well as a variety of original tremolos, auto-panners and other models. But that’s only the beginning! Alongside the Ensemble, two identical Multi Filters each feature 40 spectacularly diverse filter types, from dual shelving EQs, low/high/band-pass models and formant filters, to an extensive selection of vintage and modern phasers.

Powerful modulation

Bringing movement and dynamism to the Multi Filters, Godfazer’s dual Modulators each enable one of four styles of cutoff/centre frequency modulation to be brought into play. Apply static offset to the left and right channels with the Constant Modulator; get things wobbling with the tempo-sync-able, pannable, phase-adjustable LFO; generate a modulation signal based on input amplitude with the envelope Follower, and handcraft your own synced or free-running cyclical progressions with the 16-step Step sequencer.

Freedom of routing

Both Modulators are routed independently to each Multi Filter, for truly complex signal blending, and the polarity of every input can be inverted at a click. The Multi Filters themselves are configurable for parallel or serial signal flow using six topology options, which also determine the position of the Ensemble within the chain.

… Of course, Godfazer also includes all the standard features of the SilverLine plugin series, including 64-bit internal processing, three quality options for real-time playback and offline rendering, a resizable GUI, and a tagged preset browser. From enhancing beats, thickening bass-lines and glamourizing vocals, to animating pads and bringing life to keys and FX, no modulation-based task is beyond its sonic remit.

Godfazer Key features

  • Ensemble module featuring:
    • 22 effect types/models, ranging from Choruses and Rotary speaker emulations (including various classic devices) to Tremolo and Auto-panning effects
    • Adjustable Speed and Depth for most of the effect models
  • 2 Multi Filter modules, each featuring:
    • 40 filter types/models, ranging from Resonant Filters and Vowel Filters to EQ’s to Phasers (including various classic devices)
    • Adjustable Cutoff / Center Frequency and Emphasis for each model
    • Balance control with optional Mid / Side mode
    • Independent Modulation amount control with Invert option for each Modulator
  • 2 Modulation blocks controlling (and shared by) both Multi Filters, with 4 modulation types each:
    • Constant modifier
      • Independent Value offset controls for the Left and Right channels, with Link option
    • LFO generator
      • Adjustable Stereo Phase
      • 6 LFO waveforms
      • Optional Tempo sync
      • Panning control
    • Peak follower with AttackDecay and Sensitivity parameters
    • Step sequencer
      • 16 individually adjustable steps
      • Adjustable Rate with optional Tempo sync
  • 6 different topologies for configuring the Multi Filter and Ensemble modules
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • No harmonic distortions at output
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Over 100 presets
  • Resizable GUI
  • MIDI Learn for easy controller assignment

To connect with D16 and learn more about Godfazer and their related products on social media visit: https://facebook.com/d16group/

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