Desiray Saija – 10 Questions 2 – Techno interview

10 Questions 2 – Desiray Saija

01. Hi Desiray thanks for taking the time out to chat with us via email. Can you tell us about your music history, do you have formal training, maybe something many people don’t know about you?

Well, the thing is, I started buying vinyl when I was 6 years old and I said to my parents when I’m old enough I want to be a DJ. Also in my early years when I was about 11 years I discovered Electronic Music. I was listening to BBC radio and I loved the sound! At the age of seventeen, I bought 2 record players and a mixing unit and started practicing with vinyl. Eventually, I did accomplish mixing in 6 months and started to play in some cafes and clubs in Rotterdam (NL). My sound at that time was mainly Vocal/funky Disco house and some Acid and Techno.

02. How did you get into the techno scene and what are your first memories of techno music?

I started going out to clubs and festivals at the early age of 17. I went out clubbing on Fridays and Saturdays almost every weekend. Mostly clubs in my hometown Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, and Utrecht. My first memory was the famous Rotterdam based club Parkzicht where they were playing all kinds of genres. But my first love with techno was in the legendary Rotterdam club Nighttown. DJs like Lemon 8 and Miss Monica were playing their sound which was the Techno sound at that period. Since then I tried to focus on that genre and trained myself to become better and better. Nowadays I perform mainly 80 percent techno and the other 20 percent is deep-house, tech-house among other underground genres.

03. Where do you see the techno scene in 10 years? And how do you see yourself in 10 years within the scene?

What fascinates me is that the techno scene keeps on evolving which keeps me motivated to be producing more techno-music and hopefully doing more international gigs. The scene is stable and still growing strong to be the biggest scene in the world. The best part of it is the music is still has an underground vibe and the music is so intelligent compared to other genres.

04. Where do you most enjoying playing? Crowdy festival places or more intimate clubs?

I enjoy playing in intimate clubs because the vibe is always good in my experience. Also, the interaction with the crowd while playing is very important to me. Festivals are bigger and then you need to keep the mass crowd motivated because as a DJ you need to create a vibe to keep them attracting to your stage.

05. Do you prefer to play live/Dj or is it all about music production?

I prefer both deejaying and producing, as when I started producing a couple of years ago I enjoyed it a lot and because of my deejaying I immediately got everything quickly on the right track. It gives me a warm feeling or should I say a kick to produce a track, especially when it will be played at a club or festival people dancing and enjoying the sound you have created, it’s like magic. Deejaying is in my DNA since an early stage in my life. I can give my energy to the crowd and receive their energy back which thrills me whenever I’m on stage.

06. Tell us the most proud moment in your career to date?

I started producing 2 years ago, everything was completely new for me. But with my background as a DJ, I was a fast learner. I have two proud moments. 1. When Legendary Orlando Voorn wanted to make a remix for my third release in collaboration with Dutch youngster Rovara on Dutch label Repressure Recordings. The track is called Transition 303. 2. In the process of creating my new track ‘Intergalactic’ in collaboration with Danish producer, ‘Audiolog’ from Copenhagen my manager surprised me with another legendary Detroit artist ‘Santonio Echols’. He also did a remix for ‘Intergalactic’ and I produced a remix together with my partner in crime ‘Audiolog’ for one of Santonio Echols forthcoming releases on a label which I can’t say the name right now. The founder of that label is one of my heroes from way back. I feel so blessed and humble, just because of the facts I own a lot of vinyl of legendary artists I work with now.

desiray saija

07. What music/genres do you listen to when you’re at home?

It depends on how I feel because I don’t believe in just one kind of music. most people think I just listen to Techno, but I listen to different music genres. From Classical, Pop, Rock, Salsa and Funk, Lounge, etc.

08. What parties and festivals should we not miss this year?

What fascinates me, especially in Holland is how many festivals & Parties keep on growing. Let’s say when the summer comes around the corner it’s like every day there will be a festival somewhere in Holland. But if I had to choose which events and festivals stole my heart I would say these are my favorites and not to miss for 2020; Mystic Garden Festival, Awakenings, & Drumcode Not to miss

09. Do you have any does or don’ts regarding tips to upcoming talents?

When you start your journey you need to be dedicated and keep on track. Try to gather a team, you can’t do anything by yourself. Stay true to yourself and listen to your feeling. Be honest to yourself, try to figure out in your own way if you can sense growth in your goals. Learn to listen to constructive feedback. Be innovative and try creating new sounds and the most lesson I have for all the rookies, don’t copy other deejays be unique in your style.

10. Can you tell us more about your plans for the coming 12 Months? Do you have any new productions/collaborations projects?

I just released my third track in collaboration with ‘Rovara’ called ‘TRANSITION 303’ on Repressure Recordings which has been hugely supported by artists such as Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Anna Tur, Chris Fortier (Bedrock) and worlds biggest electronic music radio station Remixes were done by Techno legend Orlando Voorn and Rik Watts (Gem Records/Say What?!). I just finished another track in collaboration with Copenhagen finest Audiolog, which will be released very soon. So stay tuned… And I’m proud to announce that OG and Legend Santonio Echols (Rock to the Beat) is going to make a remix for us. I’m very excited about 2020 lots of collaborations with international artists … I always try to keep myself motivated and keep on pushing to get the best out of me. It’s all about goals and dedication and especially my passion and love for the music.


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