RE.KOD – ‘Sketch From A New Era (LP)’ – Recommended Techno


RE.KOD – ‘Sketch From A New Era (LP)’ – Recommended Techno

The most interesting promo we got sent this year comes from a French artist by the name of Re.Kod.

We would love to hear a lot more of this type of wonderfully experimental electronic music, almost in a mold not too dissimilar to Aphex Twin or Telefon Tel Aviv. Album Music produced like this gives me a reason to pause during my workday, the feeling translates to someone being engaged into that focus for what is probably months on end. There’s a specific nuanced tone with each track I listen to on this LP. I would normally skip through any promos that are sent, so as to get through a certain volume, and to be honest, I glided through the first 3 tracks and soon realized that this project was a bit different. I gather my thoughts and decided to make coffee to go with this listening pleasure.

I must state, I get sent so many well-produced but ultimately flat productions, that it’s a real pleasure when someone puts time into sculpting an album of sounds with the frequency spectrum being in its utmost in importance. This was my first experience with RE.KOD and I was so fascinated by his sound that we followed up with an exclusive 10 Questions 2 interview which will go live on our site in a few days.

Here’s some information from the label about the LP.

‘Sketch From A New Era (LP)’

Re.Kod is coming back with a unique global art project, he proposes a double album of 2 episodes, a first Electronica and experimental episode of 13 tracks released on WiC recordings named “Sketch from a New Era” and a second techno and electro episode released on Skryptöm records named “Esquisse du nouveau monde”. That two albums are linked by a film made of a series from 2 fiction episodes produced by Mélanie Daguet and Lambert Saboureux. This global project putting the point of our human actions on our planet and thinking of possible issues between ecology and leaving for another planet. These 26 tracks are sometimes sad to see how things are going to join to melancholic feelings but it’s always supported by a hopeful feeling that humans will always try to make things better for their own future…

01 – Morning Walk
02 – Granularium
03 – Days 2 Days
04 – Re.Kod & LudoWic – Axwin VA
05 – Monterosso
06 – Lethnos
07 – Re.Kod & Gaspar Claus – Wounded Land
08 – Birdsong
09 – Holograms Island
10 – Enfants d’Afrique
11 – Discovered in Deep Sea
12 – Les lampions de Mag
13 – Re.Kod & Gaspar Claus – Nature got the Upper Hand


Label: WIC Recordings
Cat #: WIC025
Format: Digital / Double CD
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