In the middle of lockdown in June last year, we came across Limbo Records live stream which was 6 hours of quality electronic music, house, and techno and on the 29th of December 2020 we were served with round 3.
Here’s what Limbo had to say; Closing the curtains on what has been a difficult year for all, join us on Tuesday 29th December for 5 hours of non-stop joyous dance music featuring DJ’s Stevie McCreery, Tim French, Mr. Sosa, Retna, and Irish live act (who we have featured a number of times on our website) Phraktal.
All of the sets we really enjoyed and to see Phraktal return for their second live visual experience building on what they learned about their last stream, the guys knocked it out of the park, they have a whole new collection of tracks/productions and a brand new stunning VJ set, and an enhanced live setup complete with a smoke machine, strobe and LED lighting.

Watch out for their album ‘Nightwalk’ coming on Limbo Black later in the year.

Here’s a link to the 5 sets from Limbo Live Stream 3.0:


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