10 Questions – Phraktal – Techno Interview

10 Questions – Phraktal

Interviewer: Hi, Phraktal. Thank you for taking the time to dive into your journey with us. Could you share some insights into your background and evolution within the electronic music industry?

Phraktal (Christian Boshell): Absolutely. I’m Christian Boshell, also known in the music world as Phraktal. My journey into electronic music started in 1993 when I took the plunge into the DJ scene. 2013, I added a Master’s degree from Berklee Online to my repertoire. Inspired and armed with newfound knowledge, I formed the electronic music band Phraktal.

In 2015, I was collaborating with DJ Casper as a duo, we dropped our debut album, “Why 1 Is One and 2 Is Two.” This release wasn’t just a collection of tracks but a showcase of the unique production capabilities I honed during my time at Berklee. The album resonated widely, earning critical acclaim and setting the stage for the evolution of Phraktal.

Over the years, the lineup of Phraktal has evolved, and now I operate as a solo entity, occasionally collaborating with other talents. My journey in music involves exploring the intersection of sci-fi-inspired electronic soundscapes and the rhythmic charm of deep melodic house and techno. I’ve been fortunate to navigate these realms, constantly learning and evolving with each production. This fusion has garnered support from influential figures in the industry, including Carl Craig, Charlie May, John Digweed, Sam Paganini, Maceo Plex, Kölsch, Paco Osuna, Eats Everything, and the living legend Danny Tenaglia.

I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some legendary names. In the summer of 2018, we took the stage for two live performances at the Body & Soul Festival in Ballinlough Castle and Electric Picnic. It was an exhilarating experience, sharing the lineup with iconic acts like Massive Attack, The Prodigy, NERD, John Hopkins, and DJ Koze.

The journey continued with the release of  “Nightwalk” in 2021 on Limbo Records. And now, our latest creation, “Cosmic Soundscapes Vol. One,” is out in the world.

Phraktal Press Shot for 2024

Interviewer: That’s an impressive journey. Tell us more about the turning points and highlights in your career.

Phraktal: One of the pivotal moments came with the release of our reimagining of Orbital’s classic “Chime.”

It made a significant impact, reaching the Top 10 on Beatport and leaving a lasting impression on the global electronic music scene. The positive repercussions of this success have led to some exciting opportunities.

In recent years, I’ve ventured into the digital realm, leading the way in integrating NFTs (non-fungible tokens) into my musical artistry. These distinctive digital assets, exchanged on blockchain platforms, become a canvas for my innovative approach. I employ NFTs to create and exchange digital art and collectables, incorporating my music as unlockable content within these imaginative creations. It’s an exhilarating venture, and I’m actively embedding my music directly into NFTs.

For those curious to explore this groundbreaking fusion of music and blockchain technology and acquire exclusive NFTs, the journey unfolds on our website at https://opensea.io/Phraktal.

Interviewer: That’s fascinating. How has the response to your foray into NFTs been?

Phraktal: The response has been incredible. The digital realm opens avenues for a new sonic and digital artistry dimension. Fans and collectors alike are engaging with the concept, and it’s a dynamic space where creativity knows no bounds.

Interviewer: Shifting gears, can you share your experience supporting Prince and your involvement in the number one single with Sarah McLachlan?

Phraktal: Supporting Prince in Dublin during his One Night Alone tour in 2003 was a surreal experience. Sharing a stage with an icon like Prince is a memory etched in my career. Additionally, my promotional skills contributed to Sarah McLachlan’s number-one single success. These experiences underscore the diversity of my journey, from supporting legends to actively shaping the trajectory of chart-topping singles.

Interviewer: With such a varied career, how do you balance being a solo artist and collaborating with others?

Phraktal: Since 2021, I’ve been a solo entity, but collaboration remains a crucial aspect of my artistic expression. Working with diverse talents injects fresh perspectives into my creations. I find a balance by embracing solo projects while occasionally collaborating on endeavours that resonate with my artistic vision.

Interviewer: Taking a trip down memory lane, the first Phraktal release was in 2007, originally under Calbos. Could you share more about that transition and the remix by Manuel De La Mare?

Phraktal: My Production journey started in 2005 under the moniker Gunas before transitioning to Phraktal. This evolution was a natural progression, reflecting shifts in my artistic identity. Manuel De La Mare’s remix of our early release added a layer of recognition to our burgeoning presence in the techno scene.

Interviewer: Your commitment to innovation is evident. How do you perceive your artist persona for building reach and audience engagement?

Phraktal:  In 2024, my artist persona takes a transformative turn into the realms of ambient music and electronica with the project titled “Emotional Alchemy.” This audio experiment revolves around genre-shifting and boundary-blurring through genre-defying music, pioneering NFT integration, or impactful collaborations. The focus is crafting an immersive experience that resonates with a diverse audience, a strategy that has proven effective in building a dedicated following.

Interviewer: Lastly, what’s on the horizon for Phraktal?

Phraktal:  The journey unfolds with ongoing exploration and innovation. I’m immersed in creating new music that ventures into uncharted sonic territories. Technology integration, particularly within the NFT space, continues to be a central focus. Moving forward, the goal is to craft experiences that captivate and redefine the intersections of music, art, and technology. Additionally, my label, Bakroom, celebrates its 10th anniversary, and building upon the success of our two events in Bad Bobs in Temple Bar, Dublin in 2023, we have plans for at least four events in 2024.



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