Paco Osuna

With a true passion that comes from focusing on music to live the moment to the fullest, Paco Osuna, a prominent figure in the techno scene, is ready to embark on his Ibizan journey this 2023 summer.

Known for his contributions to the genre and his deep understanding of its roots, Osuna’s residency, NOW HERE, opened on June 13th at Hï Ibiza’s Club Room, alongside The Martinez Brothers at The Theatre.
In the rich tapestry of Techno’s history, some key players have significantly shaped its sonic landscape. One such pivotal figure is Roland Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment, and software. Founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka on April 18, 1972, Roland Corporation has left an indelible mark on the genre.
Roland Corporation has been credited with the development of several electronic instruments that have become iconic within Techno. Among these is the TR-808 drum machine, released in 1980. The TR-808 revolutionized music production with its innovative use of analogue synthesis. Its distinctive sound quickly found a home in various genres, including hip-hop, electro, techno, and dance. In the world of Techno, the TR-808’s deep, booming bass kicks and crisp, cutting snares have become synonymous with the genre’s pulsating energy.


As Paco Osuna takes the stage at NOW HERE, the influence of Roland Corporation’s innovative instruments can be felt. The TR-808’s distinct drum patterns and synthetic sounds continue to shape the sonic landscape of Techno, captivating audiences and driving dance floors worldwide. It is a testament to the enduring impact of Roland Corporation’s contributions.
However, Roland Corporation’s impact on Techno extends beyond the TR-808. The company is also credited with the development of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), a technical standard that has transformed the way electronic musical instruments, computers, and related devices connect and communicate with one another. MIDI allows seamless integration and synchronization of various equipment, enabling Techno artists to craft intricate soundscapes and perform live with precision.
As every Tuesday becomes a sanctuary for Paco Osuna’s most honest form of expression, the weekly showcase at Hï Ibiza transforms into an immersive journey through the realms of powerful electronic music. Kicking off the first night of the 16-week NOW HERE residency on June 13th, Paco Osuna was accompanied by the talented Melanie Ribbe and the esteemed Manu Gonzalez.

Reflecting on the upcoming season, Osuna exclaims, “To think that my second residency season in Ibiza is about to start makes me nervous, but most of all, I’m excited and eager for it to begin. I can’t wait for June 13th because nowhere in the world do I feel as comfortable and as fulfilled as I do when playing every Tuesday at Hï.”
Starting from June 13 every Tuesday in the Club Room at Hï Ibiza will once again become a true celebration, with summer nights dedicated to the timeless beats of techno. It is an invitation to collectively immerse oneself in the music, embracing the present moment & living it to the fullest.

The global history of techno music becomes intertwined with the pulsating energy of NOW HERE, as dancers on the floor become part of a legacy that spans decades.
So, mark your calendars and join Paco Osuna & friends on the dance floor for an unforgettable journey through the history and evolution of Techno at NOW HERE. Let the rhythm guide you as we collectively surrender to the mesmerizing power of electronic music, embracing the Techno scene that has shaped the European music scene for decades.

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