Wild Ride EP by John Tejada – A Techno Journey of Impeccable Craftsmanship

john tejada - wild ride artwork

John Tejada, a name synonymous with electronic music innovation, has once again captivated our ears with his latest EP, “Wild Ride.” With three mesmerizing tracks, including the standout “Vereor,” Tejada proves that his emotive techno productions are a testament to meticulous care and attention to detail.

From start to finish, “Wild Ride” is a collection of fantastic productions that showcase Tejada’s unwavering commitment to the futuristic techno-house sound. The entire EP is a testament to his ability to create music that balances both euphoria and introspection, making it an instant favourite for techno enthusiasts.

“Vereor,” the EP’s opening track, immediately sets the tone with its infectious energy and razor-sharp tech-funk groove. It’s a classic Tejada masterpiece that showcases his signature style, and it’s no surprise that it’s our favourite track on the EP, as it has a timeless quality that’s bound to resonate with techno lovers.

“Wild Ride” and “Infinism,” the other two tracks on the EP, continue to impress with their innovative soundscapes. The fact that at least two of these tracks will make it into our next Technoscene radio show on www.di.fm/techno this weekend speaks volumes about their quality and their ability to connect with audiences.

As you’ve rightly acknowledged, John Tejada has stayed true to the futuristic techno-house sound that has defined his career, and “Wild Ride” EP is a testament to his enduring commitment to this sonic landscape.

In conclusion, the “Wild Ride” EP by John Tejada is a must-listen for any techno enthusiast. With its meticulous production, emotive melodies, and nods to electronic music’s past and present, it’s a testament to John Tejada’s enduring talent and his ability to create music that resonates deeply with listeners. This EP is not just a “Wild Ride”; it’s a musical journey worth embarking on repeatedly. Thank you, John, for continuing to grace us with your visionary sound.


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