Lose Yourself in the Sonic Odyssey: Phraktal Unveils ‘Lyra’s Dreamscape’ Original and Extended Versions


To kick things off in 2024, we review a new release by Phraktal, an electronic music producer from Dublin in Ireland, who once again captivates us with his latest track, “Lyra’s Dreamscape”. This composition showcases Phraktal’s masterful artistry and meticulous attention to detail.

Embark on a sonic journey with “Lyra’s Dreamscape,” a testament to Phraktal’s unwavering commitment to the futuristic techno-house sound. From the first note to the last beat, these tracks strike a delicate balance between euphoria and introspection, making them instant favourites among our team at technoscene.

The original “Lyra’s Dreamscape” immediately grabs attention with its infectious energy and razor-sharp tech-funk groove. It stands out as a quintessential Phraktal creation, possessing a timeless quality bound to resonate with techno aficionados. The Extended Version further explores the innovative soundscapes, offering an extended odyssey into Phraktal’s sonic universe.

Both tracks promise an immersive experience, and it’s no surprise the extended version has found a place on our upcoming Technoscene radio show on www.di.fm/techno. This selection speaks volumes about the quality and ability to connect with audiences.

“Lyra’s Dreamscape” exemplifies Phraktal’s unwavering commitment to the futuristic melodic techno-house sound. These tracks are a must-listen for techno enthusiasts, showcasing meticulous production, emotive melodies, and nods to electronic music’s past and present. If you’re seeking a techno journey that blends sound design intensity with a feeling of freedom amongst the clouds, “Lyra’s Dreamscape” by Phraktal is the heavenly gem you’ve been searching for. An intricate fusion of analogue synthesis, drum machines, vocal samples, and tribal rhythms creates a captivating soundscape, offering groove and blissful escape moments.


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