Paramount Global Acquires ICONYC Inc.: A Creative Fusion for a Unified Future

ICONYC Paramount

In a groundbreaking move, Paramount Global has officially acquired the illustrious media agency ICONYC Inc., marking a profound milestone in the evolution of both entities. Dr. John Johnson, visionary founder and director of ICONYC Inc., delves into this transformative development, highlighting the shared values and visionary goals that drive this union.

A Shared Vision for a Unified Future: Since its inception in 2016, ICONYC Inc. has solidified its position as a global electronic music brand and a torchbearer of DJ culture. It encompasses a record label hosting cutting-edge talent, a TV channel dedicated to documenting the rich history of the electronic music scene, and a forthcoming production academy in New York and Berlin, ensuring the preservation and evolution of this vibrant culture. The acquisition aligns with Paramount Global’s commitment to innovation, welcoming ICONYC Inc. into its family of innovative ventures.

Meaningful Dialogue and Creative Harmony: ICONYC Inc. distinguishes itself as a media agency that transcends norms driven by a progressive, creative, and innovative ethos. With a mission centred on fostering meaningful dialogue and uniting the creative community, ICONYC Inc. resonates with Paramount Global’s multifaceted operations and dedication to innovation.

Strategic Acquisitions for Accelerated Growth: Nathan S. Berman, Paramount Global’s Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, underscores the strategic essence of acquisitions, emphasizing compressing time for product development. ICONYC Inc., with its outstanding solutions, seamlessly aligns with Paramount Global’s vision, contributing to the growth of the company’s diverse ecosystem.

The Power of Unity: Dr. John Johnson expresses enthusiasm about joining Paramount Global’s extensive ecosystem, foreseeing an enhanced reach and impact. The shared vision, purpose, and spirit set a new benchmark for progressive, meaningful creations. This fusion of art, technology, community, and entrepreneurship promises groundbreaking creations benefiting creative communities.

A Visionary Fusion Unveiled: As Paramount Global and ICONYC embark on this collaborative journey, the electronic music community anticipates a fusion of creativity, innovation, and unity. This acquisition heralds a new era of technological possibilities, shaping the future of media and entertainment.

About Paramount Global: Renowned for its credentials as an innovator, Paramount Global leads with rigour, discipline, and agility. The acquisition of ICONYC Inc. enriches its multifaceted operations, reinforcing a commitment to digital transformation and pushing boundaries in the ever-evolving media and entertainment landscape.

About ICONYC Inc.: As part of Paramount Global, ICONYC Inc. looks forward to leveraging its extensive ecosystem to develop and deliver solutions to a broader audience. Integrating outstanding solutions into Paramount Global’s framework signifies a collaborative force shaping the future of creative endeavours.

In the coming months, the creative world will witness the fruition of this dynamic collaboration as Paramount Global and ICONYC Inc. redefine standards for progressive, meaningful creations. Stay tuned for an exhilarating journey into productions of innovation, unity, and limitless possibilities in art and technology.


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