The End of an Era: Access Virus TI2 Discontinued


In a recent announcement by, the music world received the bittersweet news of the discontinuation of the Access Virus TI2, marking the end of an era for this iconic synthesizer. Developer Christoph Kemper has confirmed that production ceased several months ago as the company shifts its focus towards the popular Profiler amps under the sister brand Kemper.

The Access Virus TI2, part of the esteemed Virus series, debuted in 2009 and enjoyed an unusually long and successful production run for a synthesizer. Born out of the first wave of virtual-analogue synths in 1997, the Virus series became a cornerstone in synthesizers, with the TI2 as its pinnacle.

One of the defining features of the Virus TI2 was its “Total Integration,” a groundbreaking concept at its release. This feature allowed for seamless remote control and automation of all parameters within a DAW, coupled with direct audio signal transmission to the computer over USB. This level of integration was unprecedented, making the Virus TI2 a studio staple heard on countless hits and a favourite among live performers.

For over a decade, the Virus series has been integral to countless music productions, including those by renowned artists like Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre, Howard Jones, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Future Sound of London, The Prodigy, Radiohead, Massive Attack and Linkin Park, who have relied on its distinctive sound and versatile capabilities. 

virus ti synth

Techno Titans Embraced the Virus TI:

However, the impact of the Virus TI extends far beyond and into the mainstream of Stevie Wonder, Hans Zimmer, Celine Dion and many more. The instrument found fervent adoption within the pulsating world of techno, shaping the sonic palette of influential artists:

  • Adam Beyer: The Swedish techno producer and Drumcode label head is recognized for his powerful and driving techno sets. With its diverse sonic capabilities, the Virus TI series likely found a place in Adam’s versatile studio setup.
  • BT (Brian Transeau): A pioneer in electronic music, BT explored the sonic possibilities of the Virus TI, contributing to the rich textures of his compositions.
  • Charlie May: From the band Spooky is known to have created a sound bank for the Virus TI, adding his sound design skills, with a library of unique textures/creations.
  • Charlotte de Witte: The Belgian techno DJ and producer has become prominent with her dynamic and energetic techno sets. The Virus TI’s integration capabilities might have been valuable for blending hardware and software in her productions.
  • Chris Liebing: The German techno DJ and producer, known for his dark and atmospheric techno style, undoubtedly found the Virus TI series appealing due to its wide range of sounds.
  • Deadmau5: The Canadian electronic music producer and performer incorporated the Virus TI series into his setup, contributing to the signature sound of his productions.
  • Orbital: 
  • Sasha: The progressive house and trance legend Sasha is known to have integrated the Virus TI into his studio setup, adding its unique textures to his musical creations.

The discontinuation of the Access Virus TI2 undoubtedly marks the end of an era, leaving an indelible mark on the history of synthesizers. As we bid farewell to this iconic instrument, we celebrate the countless moments of sonic innovation it facilitated in studios and on stages worldwide. While the Virus TI2 may no longer be in production, its legacy lives on in the music it helped create and the global memories it holds for artists and producers of diverse genres, including the driving force of techno music.

Dive into the Sounds of the Virus: A Curated Playlist

This playlist explores the diverse sonic palette of the Access Virus series synthesizers, spanning iconic electronic tracks where the Virus played a defining role.

While copyright restrictions prevent embedding the entire playlist directly, we’ve carefully selected songs credited with featuring the Virus, showcasing its versatility across genres. Discover the signature pads, driving basses, and evolving textures shaping electronic music history. From the haunting melodies of Deadmau5 – Strobe to my remake of Orbital’s Chime, this curated playlist showcases the unmistakable sounds of the Access Virus series. Explore how renowned artists harnessed the Virus’s sonic power to create electronic classics. 


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