D16 Group Nithonat 2: A Legend Reborn with Modern Muscle

nithonat 2 BY D16

D16 Group Nithonat 2: A Legend Reborn with Modern Muscle

D16 Group breathes new life into the classic Roland TR-606 drum machine with the release of Nithonat 2. This virtual instrument goes beyond emulation, capturing the essence of the 606’s sound while offering a wealth of modern features for producers and beatmakers.

The unmistakable 606 sound:

Nithonat 2 faithfully reproduces the characteristically harsh and metallic tones that made the 606 a legend. From rumbling kicks and barking snares to unique toms and hi-hats, Nithonat delivers that punchy, cut-through-the-mix character that’s defined countless genres, from Electro to Hip-Hop.

Beyond Vintage:

Where the original 606 offered limited sound shaping, Nithonat 2 explodes with flexibility. Dedicated controls for each drum allow you to sculpt sounds in ways never before possible. Tune, attack, and decay knobs for the kick and snare, for example, let you dial in the perfect amount of punch and low-end weight.

A Spectrum of Sounds at Your Fingertips:

Nithonat 2 isn’t just about meticulously recreating the past. It pushes the boundaries of what the 606 could have been. With expanded controls, explore a whole new sonic palette, crafting deep kicks, biting snares, and ear-catching toms and hi-hats.

More Than Just a 606:

Nithonat 2 is a powerful instrument. Its unique synthesis, distinct from D16’s other offerings, delivers characteristic hi-hats and cymbals that emulate the original’s circuitry. The untouched attack and character of the bass drum are legendary, but Nithonat adds exclusive controls for further sculpting.

Nithonat 2

An Inspiring Sequencer:

Nithonat 2 boasts a clean and intuitive sequencer, perfect for crafting intricate drum patterns. It offers multiple modes for flexible workflow, whether you prefer external MIDI triggers or the internal sequencer’s comprehensive pattern-creation features.

Familiar and Powerful:

Nithonat 2 integrates seamlessly with your existing setup. You’ll feel right at home if you’re familiar with D16’s Drumazon and Nepheton. All sounds and functions can be controlled directly from your DAW, making it a powerful and familiar tool in your production arsenal.

Key Features:

  • Fully synthesized drum sounds for maximum flexibility
  • Extensive sound shaping controls for each instrument
  • Multiple operation modes: External MIDI or internal sequencer
  • Powerful built-in sequencer with an intuitive interface
  • DAW integration for seamless workflow
  • 8 individual outputs for detailed mixing
  • Classic 606 sound with a modern twist

D16 Group Nithonat 2 is a must-have for producers and beatmakers seeking the iconic 606 sound with the power and flexibility of a modern instrument.

Nithonat 2 - Master View


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