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Welcome to TechnoScene: Where Techno Unfolds Its Sonic Tapestry

At TechnoScene, we are not just followers of Techno; we are enthusiasts, curators, and storytellers dedicated to the pulsating rhythm of Techno music. Our platform is a testament to the artistry, the production magic, and the global community that defines Techno.

What Sets TechnoScene Apart:

  • Dedicated to the Art: We go beyond the surface, diving deep into the art of Techno music. From EPs and Singles/Remixes to full-length albums, our recommended reviews uncover the sonic landscapes crafted by talented artists.

  • Exclusive Techno Podcast: We curate an exclusive techno podcast hosted by Static Interference and stream it on DI.FM every month. Dive into a sonic journey featuring productions highlighted on our platform.

Listen here: TechnoScene on DI.FM

  • Gear Reviews and Insights: Look closer at the tools shaping Techno’s sonic landscape. Our occasional gear reviews provide insights into the gear used by your favourite Techno artists.

  • Free Industry Tools and VSTs: We share free industry tools and VSTs for Techno enthusiasts. Consider it a guide to enhance your music production journey.

Join the Techno Community:

Whether you’re a seasoned Techno veteran or just stepping into the scene, TechnoScene is your portal to everything Techno. Join us as we explore, celebrate, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Techno music.

Connect with Us:

Join us on this sonic adventure — because Techno is not just music; it’s a way of life.

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