The 90s: Directed by a techno bass-drum, a freaked-out decade is rushing towards nirvana, coma, freedom. Forward and forget. Right in the middle of it: Wolfgang Voigt, fully into it. The magic machines of the hour are called 303 and 909. A bass sequencer and a drum machine are putting the dancefloors of the planet into ecstasy. Acid, Baby!
Wolfgang Voigt’s best mate is the sampler. The omnivorous sound-transmitter is made for the artists genre-transgressing quotation-pop-art-expressionism.
Under a countless number of aliases and projects, Wolfgang Voigt connects old with new artistic visions, he is creating hybrid experiments and concepts on the way to musical new ground. Everything is possible. And everything is techno, as long as there’s a four-to-the-floor bass drum.

Wolfgang Voigt
From Schlager to Polka to Classical music. From Jazz to Pop to Ambient. Via sampling, everything loses its meaning and is reincarnated to a new digital life. From early hardcore-acid and Gabber-projects like Mike Ink, Love Inc. & Co, crossing abstract-dadaistic Profan drafts like M: I:5 or Wassermann, to the form-restricted minimalistic discourse techno-classics Studio 1 and Freiland – Voigt celebrates the freedom of art and his very own Loveparade.
EARQUAKE! The name says it all. Even, if it costs your ears. 20 years of 99. It’s time to throw an enraptured eye back on a decade of unlimited possibilities, a retro-free rush of memories, for the energy of tomorrow …
For the very first time, EARQUAKE! summarises in chronological order almost all of Wolfgang Voigt‘s musical work of the 1990s. A surreal voyage through ten years of ravenous, multi-layered creativity, that, considering it from the present’s birds-eye perspective, offers the view on a fascinating entirety.
“Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999“ – Prince

BUY LINK: https://kompakt.fm/earquake

Earquake VST


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